January 31st, 2002


Press Release: Kentron Technologies® First to Market with Low-Profile, High-density DDR200/266, 256MB, 512MB & 1GB SODIMM supporting ECC Function

These high density modules are specifically designed for the blade and Hyperdense servers, as well as for laptop, Compact PCI systems and mobile Internet applications.


AMD's Hammer Gains Momentum

Mario writes, "the inquirer reports on the presentation given by AMD's Ben Anixter at the Banc of America Securities Technology 2002 Conference. He said that Hammer silicon has been produced and that OEMs will receive samples next quarter. He also estimated that by 2005, AMD would be shipping 200 million processors a year. The webcast can be listened to from here."


Press Release: SiS645 and SiS745 Win the 10th Annual Symbol of Excellence Award


Web Watch

Tyan Tiger MPX Review, Socket A HSF Roundup and more.


Press Release: AMD's Multiprocessor Platform Certified for the Covalent Enterprise Ready Server and the Zeus Web Server

Linux industry's two largest vendors of enterprise-class Web server products have certified and now support platforms based on AMD Athlon(tm) MP processors.


Media Advisory: AMD and UMC will hold Joint Conference Call


January 30th, 2002


Thunderbird & Spitfire are Laid to Rest

Mario writes, "After long and faithful service, the Athlons and Durons which are based on the Thunderbird and Spitfire cores will no longer be manufactured. Another successful era of the K7 design has now come to an end. History will not only remember these icons as Pentium and Celeron destroyers, it will also recall their outstanding value which greatly benefited the consumer."

P4 Still in Short Supply
Mario writes, "While AMD continues to ramp successfully, the inquirer reports that Intel is still executing badly. Tech Data, one of the biggest US distributors, has put P4s on allocation. Shortages include Intel's latest Northwood where ETAs extend out to late February. AMD can again benefit from Intel's inability to deliver."


AMD to Buy MIPS Processor Startup Alchemy

Thanks Evan for this link.


Press Release: New Mobile AMD Duron(tm) Processors with AMD PowerNow!(tm) Technology Offer High Performance for Mainstream Notebook PCs


Press Release: Advanced Micro Devices Announces Closing of Private Offering of 4.75% Convertible Senior Debentures Due 2022


January 29th, 2002


the inquirer: The Evils of Software Piracy Threaten Western Civilization?

Here is a quote from the inquirer’s ongoing coverage of software piracy: “It would appear that future creativity, investment and employment in the software industry in the west are all potentially threatened by the actions of unwitting tourists, travellers and businesses who take advantage of the massive savings gained by buying pirated software.”  Read Van’s note to Mike Magee regarding this expose.


Compaq Adds AMD Powered Evo N115 Business Notebook Line

Chris Tom sends us this. "Compaq has added an AMD powered Evo N115 to their business notebook line.  It is available with XP Professional and the Athlon 4 1500+."


Updated: Intel is Free to Use AMD's x86-64 Code

Mario writes, "the inquirer reports that Intel is free to use AMD's x86-64-bit code if it should so desire. In other news, the inq also disclosed more details about AMD's future consumer plans.

In more Intel news, the chip giant will no longer support Fire Wire, but will instead support USB 2.0. In yet another episode of Intel not choosing the dominant technology, will they again be forced to change their mind as they did with DDR memory?


AMD's New Sockets for Laptops

Mario writes, "AMD has offered 3 new laptop sockets for their customer base to evaluate. Low-Profile Socket462 is a slimmed down version of the established part, MicroPGA Socket563 is brand new, as is the MicroBGA package."


Web Watch

SOYO P4S DRAGON Ultra Review, VR training for the military and police, Leadtek Winfast GeForce3 Ti200 Graphics Card Review, XBox Give Away! (Free)


January 28th, 2002


Crazy Case Design:  Crazy PC’s Modded Enermax CS-A1QX-6

Joel reviews. "If you’re looking for a case that’s roomy, well-built, nicer than a standard beige box, and extremely easy to work in, then the Enermax CS-A1QX-6 is a keeper."


Press Release: SiS & Gigabyte SiS645 Joint Conference in Moscow

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), announces in a joint press conference with Gigabyte Technology the debut of the latest SiS645 incorporated motherboards: GA-8SRX and GA-8SDX.


BAPCo The Broken Benchmark

Van put forth many of the flaws of the BAPCo benchmark at the recent Platform Conference. In this article, Dean Kent nails one of those problems on the head. Here's what he says, "As a result, I view this benchmark as a test of application performance, not system performance. However, since the results are not broken down by application, it limits the usefulness severely - by such a degree, in fact, that I can't currently recommend it for comparing systems or components." Thanks to our readers who pointed this link out to us.


New AMD Trademark Applications

Chris Tom at amdzone writes, "I’ve found 5 new possible CPU names from AMD in the form of live trademark applications.  These may be possible names for the upcoming Hammer line of CPUs."


Web Watch

ASUS P4B266 review,  Heat sink reviews Chenbro SR205 Case Review, Epson Stylus C70 plus.


Press Release: AMD Introduces Highest Performing Processor for Notebook PCs: The New Mobile AMD Athlon(tm) 4 Processor 1500+

AMD's new mobile processor features QuantiSpeed(tm) architecture, AMD PowerNow!(tm) technology.


January 27th, 2002


P4 on DDR vs. Athlon on DDR

Spencer Kittleson writes, "Here's a link to an interesting test of a 2.2 GHz P4 using DDR memory vs. a 1.67GHz Athlon 2000+ on DDR.  The test uses the Linux os.  This is an excellent level playing field test (where RDRAM is not used) and the Athlon clobbers the P4.  The P4 CPU costs twice as much too (for no gain in performance). Using the Intel 845 chipset gets your memory costs down but significantly limits the maximum performance of the P4 which relied on RDRAM bandwidth to make up for its deficiencies.


Linux Roundup

Mario writes, "Newsforge sneaks a beta release preview of LindowsOS. EdgeReport Q&A'd Lindows.com's Cheryl Schwarzman. Adam Wiggins has written an interesting article about 'Open Source on the Business Desktop,' It's a record of his company's transition to open source desktops. LinuxDevices reports on the first 'desktop-friendly' NetBSD distribution by Wasabi Systems which will debut at LinuxWorld next week; Newsforge reviewed this product. LinuxDevices also reported on Wasabi System's preliminary port of NetBSD to AMD's x86-64 architecture. The Register reports that IBM is to push cheaper 'Linux-only' zSeries and iSeries servers.

And now, a couple of things that you may wish to act upon. Jim Cusick has written a piece about using a Linux firewall to fend off hackers, and explains how to build such a system using a 386 computer. Richard Stallman discusses how to promote open source standards by encouraging users of proprietary software to not send Word attachments, but instead, convert Word documents to open source standards before mailing."


Press Release: AMD to Present at Banc of America Securities Technology 2002 Conference


January 26th, 2002


Is Itanic Taking On Water?

Mario writes, "The Mercury News has scooped this story about the possible demise of Intel's 64-bit Itanium processor. Quoting an ex Intel employee, a team of engineers are working on Yamhill Technology which will enable the next generation Pentium, code-named Prescott, to run 64-bit code. If Itanic should prove to be fatally holed, an embarrassed Intel can switch on the 64-bit extensions in Prescott and follow AMD's first to market Hammer.

In other news, the inquirer reports on Intel's gripe over AMD's thermal figures. Intel's complaint is that it was not fair to compare a model number to mega hertz when comparing thermal performance. Hello Intel, welcome to the real world; and yes, most people have "bought into" AMD's new nomenclature because it's a real world comparison."


Web Watch

Lots of stuff to look at!


Press Release: VIA Launches ProSavageDDR PN266T, The First DDR266 Memory Based Mobile Chipset For Intel® Pentium® III Processor-M based systems

VIA ProSavageDDR PN266T mobile chipset with DDR266 memory support delivers a decisive performance improvement and extends battery life for Intel® and VIA processor-based mobile platforms.


Press Release: AMD Reaches Out to Consumer, Small Business Advocates to Drive Discussion on Improving the Technology Experience

AMD Forms Global Consumer Advisory Board, Selects Initial Members.


Press Release: Advanced Micro Devices Announces Pricing of Private Offering of 4 3/4% Convertible Senior Debentures Due 2022


January 24th, 2002


Platform Conference, Day 1

True performance initiatives, NVIDIA news, dual-core Hammers, DDR II, green beans and more.


January 23rd, 2002


Review of the 1.3GHz AMD Duron

See how our $600 Duron reference system fares against 1.3GHz Celeron and 1.8GHz Pentium 4 systems from HP.  Also, download an early look at our developing COSBI Quick Test and benchmark systems in the store for yourself.


Intel = Enron?

Read this compelling complaint letter Richard Griest sent recently to the SEC.


January 22nd, 2002


AOL Time Warner Sues Microsoft

Who do you pull for, the Devil or his looking glass?  (Go Mozilla!)  However, AOL Time Warner has a strong case.  Has anyone noticed that for some reason -- given Microsoft's benevolent track record, purely accidental we're sure -- MSNBC neither renders correctly on Mozilla (and consequently Netscape Communicator) nor loads the menu applet that makes navigating that site much easier?  Without the menu plug-in, a Mozilla user has to pass through many more advertisements than when using Internet Explorer.  More fodder for the trial?


Press Release: AMD Ranks Fifth Among U.S. Companies In U.S. Patents Awarded

Upstart chip maker beats Goliath Intel yet again.


David McOwen Case Settled

Jerry let us know that his friend ended up with one year of probation and a $2,100 fine in the conclusion of the infamous RC5-64 case documented at VHJ by Tom McFadden.  Given the relatively token nature of the penalties, the defense chose to settle rather than incur escalating legal costs.  Although the settlement outwardly saves face for the state of Georgia, in the eyes of many its reputation has been stained by overzealous and ignorant prosecution that could have led to decades of imprisonment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines simply for installing a popular screensaver.


New Affiliate Site: XboxHacker.net

We are pleased to announce that XboxHacker is now an affiliate of VHJ.  We have already linked several times to breaking material at this enthusiast publication centered around dissecting and modifying Microsoft's Xbox.  The forums are particularly interesting.


AMD N-Bench 2

The chip maker has come out with its second iteration of its 3d-graphics intensive benchmark.  UPDATE: Uffe let us know that the 50+ MB file can be downloaded quicker here.


Microsoft Dictionary

Spencer points out the following definition:

"Secure Microsoft Product" - (1)(n) - Any unopened, uninstalled Microsoft product, preferably still inside its shrink-wrap. (2)(n) - A PC running Microsoft operating systems or software that is not connected to a network or has removable media (e.g., disk drives) installed...that's how Windows NT received its C2 endorsement from the NSA in the mid-1990s!


the inquirer: AMD Roadmaps

Mario writes, "the inquirer has the news on what we're likely to see from AMD in the coming quarters.  According to 'Mike's Moles,' Q2 will debut a Duron at 1.4 GHz.  Also, the first Thoroughbred Athlons are supposed to enter the fray here at 2000+ and 2200+.  Q3 is a going to be busy with two Durons and two Athlons joining the stable.  The first Duron comes in at 1.5 GHz; the new Appaloosa Duron, with a 266MHz FSB, converts to an 1800+ model number.  The two Athlon Thoroughbreds extend the performance envelope to 2400+ and 2600+.  More details can be found here."


January 21st, 2002


Press Release: New 1.3GHz AMD Duron(tm) Processor Ups the Performance Ante for Everyday PC Computing


Web Watch

AMD Duron 1.3 GHz Processor and System Reviews, 10 Steps Guide for Buying Digital Camera,  EPoX 4B2A P4 i845 motherboard Review another Review of AMD Athlon XP 2000+ and more.


January 20th, 2002


AOL to Buy Red Hat?

Mario writes, "Speculation is rife that AOL could buy Linux distributor Red Hat. If this is true and a deal is done, this could cause a huge impact on the OS landscape and its future developments. Also, this might generate more effective competition than the DOJ's anemic antitrust settlement with Microsoft. Robin Miller has written a very interesting piece on such a possible future.
In other news, a loophole has been found in Microsoft's antitrust deal. Critics see a significant loophole buried in the arcane wording of technological terms which could help Microsoft evade code disclosure.


January 19th, 2002


Web Watch

Lots of stuff today. ALi 2002 Chipsets Roadmap, MSI K7N420 Pro nForce 420-D Motherboard Review, RTCW Name Trail Effect (How-To) and much more.


January 18th, 2002


AMD Exploits PowerNow for Athlon XP

Mario writes, "In a move to differentiate itself from Intel, and to develop new markets, AMD is now selling Athlon XP processors with AMD's PowerNow power management technology. AMD calls this new technology for the desktop Cool'n'Quiet which automatically adjusts the processor's clockspeed to the workload being done. 

AMD first used this technology in the mobile space, but in Japan, because they use small form factor desktop PCs, there is a requirement to supply processors that use less power. US PC manufacturers will soon adopt this Cool'n'Quiet technology to sell here."


Gates e-mail: Trustworthy Computing

Mario writes, "In an email to all employees, Bill Gates shared his concerns about ensuring that .Net is a platform for Trustworthy Computing, and that this objective is more important than any other part of their work. In highlighting the need for change, he said, "So now, when we face a choice between adding features and resolving security issues, we need to choose security." Let's hope that this change is for real."


Web Watch

Shuttle AK35GT-R Mainboard and Asus A7N266-E (Nvidia nForce3 420-D Chipset) reviews, and Akasa Pax Mate Acoustic Dampening Mat


January 17th, 2002


On Hammer Processors and Their Performance

Thanks to 2 readers for sending us this link on ClawHammer rumors.


AMD Gains Market Share Against Intel

Mario writes, "In a report to be published tomorrow, IDC will release preliminary Q4 sales figures which show that AMD gained market share against Intel. They put this down to AMD maintaining its technological edge and the successful advertising campaign centered on its new speed rating system. VHJ reported on 'The Success of AMD's New Nomenclature' last December.

In other news, the inquirer reports on an anecdote about why Microsoft, at the very last minute, decided to choose Intel's PIII for the X-Box instead of AMD."


Web Watch

Case review, How to cut blowholes in a case and Gigabyte 7VTXH - KT266A Based Mobo Review.


Preserving a Major Investment

Considering the low cost of DDR SDRAM motherboards and memory, Joel's argument might be a little weak, but certainly there might be emotional reasons for users wanting to leverage their pricey RDRAM investment. Joel writes, "For those users who bought RDRAM back when the VC820 was new, it turned out to be an incredibly expensive fiasco. But, is there a way for them to continue to gain a benefit from their overly-expensive RAM selection? We've examined the upgrade potential from the VC820 to the i850 and got the data for you--so enjoy the read."


January 16th, 2002


Windows Users Left High & Dry Again

Mario writes: "Microsoft's latest blunder, which further lowered confidence in Microsoft's 24/7 .Net initiative, left an estimated 8 million Windows users stranded for five days as they could not download critical updates for their Microsoft products. This follows Code Red and Nimda, which caused havoc last summer, and in November, the flaws in Passport, which left consumer's financial information open to hacker attack.


In another howler, The Register reports on Microsoft's latest security breach. Users of IE6 can now be followed by a third party to track their on-line comings and goings regardless of their cookie handling rules. This is not caused by the browser itself, but is the fault of a feature in Windows Media Player."


Press Release: AMD Reports Fourth Quarter Results

Sales grew by 24 percent on strong demand for AMD Athlon XP Processors.


The Radeon 7500: Pushing Budget Graphics to the Next Level

While much attention has been focused on the GeForce3 Ti 500 and R8500, both cards remain out of the price range of most consumers. Much more within the average gamer's reach is the Radeon 7500--but does the card stack up against NVIDIA's competition?


Press Release: The QBM Alliance announces that Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) has joined the Alliance

The goal of the QBM Alliance is to continue to work with industry leading companies to implement the price/performance leading QBM technology into computer systems and telecommunication routers.


Press Release: Intel Reports Fourth-Quarter And Annual Results

Fourth-Quarter Earnings Excluding Acquisition-Related Costs* $0.15 Per Share - Fourth-Quarter Earnings Per Share $0.07


Press Release: HyperTransportTM Technology Consortium Welcomes FuturePlus Systems, LSI Logic, MindShare, Mindspeed Technologies, QLogic QuickLogic and SiPackets

Consortium continues to gain momentum as prominent computer and communications companies join to support the future development and adoption of the HyperTransport I/O link specification; members demonstrate technology implementation at distinguished industry conference.


Web Watch

Waitec Shining 17 TFT Monitor, T.I.T.I. Dr.Thermal TI-V77 CPU Cooler Review, Soltek 75DRV2 - KT266A Based Motherboard Review and more.


January 15th, 2002


Content protection plan targets wireless home networks

Joel writes: "As if the current standards for content protection and digital rights management didn't attack consumer rights enough, some of these new content standards are even worse. If Congress and consumers don't wake-up soon we could have one of the largest violations of consumer rights in American history on our hands."


How Enron Relates to "A Titan Falls" Intel article

Richard Griest writes to us about the stock market and regulation of it. The original "A Titan Falls - AMD Plays David to Intel's Goliath" article written by Van Smith can be found here.


Organic EL Displays to Rival LCDs

Thanks to Jesse for the link.


Web Watch

Soyo Dragon Plus, a VIA KT266A-based motherboard Review, P4 DDR chipset roundup, and Creative Inspire 5700 5.1 Speaker Set Review.


Press Release: Electronics Arts to Use AMD Athlon(tm) Processor-Based Systems Worldwide

EA is recommending AMD-based desktop and workstation systems to development, sales, finance, and marketing departments.


Lindows.com: Help Us With Our Defense Against the Microsoft Lawsuit

Mario sends us this letter from the president of Lindows.com. While we are on the topic of Linux, Korea migrates 120K civil servants to Linux desktop. Thanks John Oram for lettting us know.


January 14th, 2002


Follow-up to 1/5 story "Microsoft is Losing to Linux in China, Pakistan"

A reader sends us this translation from a Chinese website.


Web Watch

Swiftech MCX370 review, bionic eyes, neural network processors, Microstar K7N420 Pro - nFORCE and more.


Linux Desktop is Becoming Reality

Mario writes: "Testing by IT Week has shown that Linux is a viable desktop solution, with one package particularly impressive on laptops. Suse's Linux Professional 7.3 was easy to install and ran well on notebooks."

One compelling advantage that will drive migration to Linux is cost. With similar performance to Windows, Suse Linux, which includes Star Office 5.2, will save buyers over $1,000 when compared against equivalent offerings from Microsoft.


Gaming Corner: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Joel gives us his take on the sequel to Wolfenstein. Jawohl!


Press Release: Launches ‘VIARAMA’ Approval Program for Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Mainboards Based on VIA Apollo Chipsets

Leading mainboard vendors bring to market VIA Apollo chipset based mainboards for the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, under the VIARAMA mainboard approval program.


January 13th, 2002


Philips Says Copy-Protected CDs Have No Future

Will Knight at NewScientist.com writes: "Philips, the inventor of the Compact Disc, does not expect controversial attempts by the music industry to introduce CD "copy protection" technologies to last very long, because of consumer complaints."


Web Watch

USB 2.0 support for WIndows 2000, DVD-ROM LED Article, and another petition site.



January 12th, 2002


More Microsoft Madness

Mario continues his coverage of the great Mullah of software.


Why You Shouldn't Get Children Markers For Christmas

Bill Brier sends us this tip in a photo that needs no words.


January 11th, 2002


CD-R/RW Media Increased to 2GB

Mario writes: TDK introduced this new drive and disk technology, which is backward compatible with 650MB media, as an economical data backup and archiving solution for home and business users. The drive will retail for $199. The disks, recordable and rewritable, should cost $2 and $3 respectively. This product will ship in the second quarter."


Nvidia's Geforce 4

theinquirer writes us: "Fudo reckons he's got some brand new leaked info about Geforce 4 on this one."


Updated: Web Watch

How to make heatsinks for the RADEON, uses for DOS,  Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy Player and more.


January 10th, 2002


AthlonXP under Windows XP?

EvilPaul writes: When I ran Windows Update I came across a device driver update for the K7. From what I've been able to tell, it's only for Athlon XPs. Thunderbird owners said it doesn't show up for them.


So, I'm left wondering what exactly it does since Microsoft neglected to put a "Read more here..." link (unlike the laundry list of security updates). I couldn't find anything on their knowledge base either. There was a measurable though small increase in memory bandwidth using Sandra (I ran it five times before and five after), and 3DMark 2000 showed a 100 point gain over previous scores. Anyone else seen similar reports or know what exactly it does?


Microsoft Caught Out Cheating Yet Again

Mario writes: If they're not breaking the law or 'agreed to' consent decrees, they have to be doing something else of a very unsavory nature. This convicted monopolist, which has 36 billion dollars in the bank, much of which is ill gotten, has to stoop so low as to cheat on an online poll. One would have expected MS to be on their best behavior considering that the current litigation is now drawing to an end. But no, they have no respect for playing by the rules and will do almost anything within their power to win. This company consistently makes unethical decisions by second nature, and they've become so use to it that they're now devoid of any guilt associated with those choices. This is why this company must be stopped now, or else we will all 'pay' in the future. Read VHJ's latest commentary, Fair Justice for Microsoft? and make sure that you register your comments or concerns.


Linux Continues Momentum

Mario writes: "The BBC reports on Linux inroads in China, which mirrors recent VHJ opinion. In India, Linux provides a cheaper alternative for schools in the western part of that country. Lindows, a GNU/Linux operating system designed to run major Windows programs, as well as software written for Linux itself, could well prove to be a serious threat to Microsoft, as it could give life to Linux on the desktop.

In related news, Con Zymaris analyses Microsoft's 'Partner Guide: Competing with Linux' document, which is designed to arm Microsoft's partners who resell or implement Microsoft solutions with the information they need to promote Microsoft-based server solutions in a Linux environment."


StorageReview to Close

 From Mario: Following recent unofficial reports, StorageReview, which specialized in magnetic and optical storage, announced their closure. They will be missed.

January 9th, 2002


Prestonia Hyper-Threading Benchmarks Appear

Here are some of the first benchmarks from a Symmetrical Multi-Threading (“SMT,” aka “Hyper-threading” in Intel circles) enabled CPU.  In SiSoftware’s Sandra, a dual processing 1.8GHz Intel “Prestonia” SMT-enabled system makes up about half the difference between a 2x 2GHz P4-Xeon setup and a faster 2x AMD Athlon MP 1800+ box.  Boosts to SSE2 are particularly strong.  However, in some cases performance falls short of the older P4-Xeons (Fosters) when Prestonia’s SMT is enabled despite its larger caches.  It appears that some of Sandra data labeled “SMP disabled” and “SMT disabled” are backwards since with SMT disabled the Prestonia system should only slightly under-perform a 2x 2GHz P4 Xeon setup.  The link comes from JC’s.


Updated: Fair Justice for Microsoft?

Mario wrties: "Those of us who wish to be heard, have until January 26 to let our views be known. If you want to have a better choice of competing software at lower cost in the future, then now is the time to make your voice heard."


Now For PC Magazine

We received this interesting message yesterday about Monday's product releases from Wilmark.


Press Release: FIC Announces 2 Sweet New Motherboards For Intel  Pentium 4 CPUs and DDR SDRAM
The VC15 and VC35 motherboards support Pentium® 4 CPUs (478-pin FC-PGA2 package) from 1.4GHz - 2.0GHz+.


Press Release: Music Republic Preview Station Rocks to the VIA C3 Rhythm
Music Republic first to deliver broadband music to connected music stations using the totally cool VIA C3™ processor.


Press Release: MTV and LAN Plus Plan to Kick-Off a New Multifunctional PC Product Line Powered By the AMD Athlon(tm) XP Processor
Equipped with all the College Props, including a CD Burner, Cable-Ready Television Tuner, DVD Player and Radio Tuner with Remote.


Web Watch

 nVidia nForce 415-D chipset, Mobile P 4-M, Logitech Z-560 4.1 speaker review and more.


January 8th, 2002


A Staggering $635 for Intel's 2.2GHz Northwood!

Mario wrties: "Yes, this product has at last made an appearance on Price Watch at this unbelievably outrageous price. This product is like gold dust, hard to find and even more expensive to buy. Let's put this in perspective. At today's prices, you can purchase an Athlon XP2000+, which will give you comparable performance, for $301 less. Let's hope that the American consumer has the sense to not be suckered by this over-the-top price."


Fair Justice for Microsoft?

Mario wrties: "Those of us who wish to be heard, have until January 26 to let our views be known. If you want to have a better choice of competing software at lower cost in the future, then now is the time to make your voice heard."


P4 to Cause 20% Shortfall in Motherboard Shipments

Mario sends us this. DigiTimes confirms P4 shortages mentioned in our latest review.


And a New Year Has Begun

Nils checks in with us and talks about new products, old products and chicken shortages in New England.


Review Roundup of AMD's & Intel's Latest & Greatest

Mario rounds up the reviews of AMD's XP2000+ and Intel's Northwood at 2 and 2.2 GHz.


Web Watch

Via C3 review, Lian Li PC60 Contest,  A7V266-E Bios download, Unfied Nforce Drivers and more.


January 7th, 2002


Part 2: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Review

The benchmarks...

Part 1: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Review

We examine the dramatically contrasting architectural approaches between Intel and AMD processors: Netburst versus Quantispeed.


Paying 9/11 Families For Their Grief

Joel sends us this editorial from Time.com.


Web Watch

Athlon XP2000+ reviews, Intel Northwood reviews, and more.


For My Mother On Her Birthday

From Joel to his Mother.


January 6th, 2002


Interior Department Court Ordered Computer Shutdown Halts Lease Payments to American Indians

A century of gross mismanagement is not nearly enough.  In God we trust.  In government we don't.  Thanks, Blair, for the links.  More information can be found here.


A Brief Strategic Assessment of AMD and Intel

Phil Trent puts his education to good use.


January 5th, 2002


Web Watch

Iwill XP333-R ALi M1647 Motherboard Review, Networking How-To and more.


Is Microsoft Losing Emerging Markets to Linux?

Mario reports.


AMD and Intel to Launch New Products on Monday

Mario writes: Two reports by ITworld have confirmed everyone's expectations that AMD and Intel will launch their latest products on Monday.  AMD will unveil the Athlon XP 2000+, which will run at 1.67GHz. Intel Corp., for its part, will launch the 2.2GHz Pentium 4 processor, the company's first based on the 0.13-micron Northwood core, which features 512KB of level 2 cache.


January 4th, 2002


Athlon XP2000+ for Sale on Price Watch

From Mario: AMD's latest processor can now be purchased for $340. This signals that AMD will officially launch its latest and greatest on Monday, no doubt attempting to spoil Intel's party as this is the expected day that Intel will launch its Northwood P4.

Also on Monday, AMD will be adding two cities to the Extreme Performance Project, Santa Clara in California and Orlando in Florida. If you live close to one of these cities, you have a chance to win an AMD processor, no doubt the XP2000+, and other goodies. If not don't worry, you can also win online. Either way, head over to the Extreme Performance Project, register, answer five easy questions and you just might win.


AMD's Share Price Soars

From Mario: Analysts expectations of better then expected Q4 results generated bullish buying causing the share price to soar in value to $19.37. The $2.98 increase was an 18.18% rise. Other semiconductor stocks rose for a second consecutive day as optimism grew that an economic recovery is on the horizon. An ON24 RealMedia clip also reports that analysts expect solid Athlon demand to continue as the ASP rises sharply, and continued OEM demand for Athlon chips because they can't get hold of Intel's P4.

Web Watch

Windows XP USB 2.0 Patch and ECS K7VTA3 revision 2 reviews.


January 3rd, 2002


Web Watch

Athlon XP2000+ review, Asus's A7M266-D motherboard and MSI's K7D Master reviews.


2001 VHJ Awards

VHJ looks back on 2001 to acknowledge those products, technologies and achievements that stood out for their excellence and for their contributions to the computer industry.


Press Release: Intel launches 1.3GHz Celeron

 …a 256 kB Tualatin core saddled with a 100 MHz Front-Side Bus.


An Easing of Export Restrictions Benefits the Computer Industry

From Mario: President Bush used executive authority to lift the limit on license-free computer exports from 85,000 millions of theoretical operations per second (Mtops) to 190,000 Mtops for countries including Russia, India, Pakistan, China and Israel. This should give the industry two years breathing space before the new limit is reached. This change was instigated by Intel to open the market for its Itanium based products but will also benefit its competitors in the 64-bit space. 


Is Linux Ready to Impact 2002?

From Mario: Articles are popping up all over the net about how Linux will impact 2002. This piece looks at Linux on the desktop, this one discusses Linux in the commercial sector, and another details how to run a Microsoft free shop.

In other related news, the inquirer reports that Microsoft is facing corporate user apathy due to the upgrade cycle required by MS's new volume licensing program. The IDG story that they quote from also said that 15% of customers polled said that demands to keep upgrading corporate computing systems provided the incentive to move to competing operating systems such as Linux and Unix.



January 2nd, 2002


Watching Magic Lantern

Who's watching the watchman?  We present a collection of links to information regarding the FBI's viral key logger.


Press Release: VIA Announces December Sales Results of NT$ 2.15 billion

Accumulated year sales up over 10% on 2000.


i845d Review

We take a brief look at Intel’s new DDR SDRAM enabled Pentium 4 chipset.


ECS & Asustek Battle on Other Fronts

Mario writes: DigiTimes reports that Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), having wrestled the motherboard crown from Asustek, will now take its battle to the own-brand notebook market. ECS will soon have a range of notebooks supporting processors from VIA, AMD, and Intel, which will cover the value to high end market segments. the inquirer also reports that ECS is manufacturing a value notebook for the OEM market using a VIA processor and has a picture to boot.


MS Sets its Sights on Linux

Mario writes: Having successfully dispatched the attempts of IBM, Netscape, Apple, and Be as serious competitors on the desktop, MS sets its sights on Linux. A leaked email from Division VP Brian Valentine details their plans to stop the penguin's waddle.


From BeOS to OS X (by way of Windows and Linux)

Mario writes: Over at Ars Technica, I read this interesting preface to an article headlined above. Scot Hacker, author of the BeOS Bible, pens his woes as he wonders in the wilderness of Windows and Linux before finding his promised land in OS X. Having arrived in paradise, he goes on to explain in detail his likes and dislikes. Before reading this lengthy article, I recommend reading Ars Technica's introduction as it nicely sets the tone.

Intel's 2.2GHz P4 Starts Year As Rare Bird

Mario sends us this from the inquirer:

Word comes from a medium sized reseller in the USA that so far it has only been able to obtain one Pentium 4 2.2, with 512K cache, in the bright and shiny box that appeared in Japan between Yule and Hogmanay.


Be Inc. Contemplates Antitrust Against Microsoft

From Mario: As the terminal decline of Be Inc. continues, its board of directors ponders whether a suit against Microsoft is both viable and serves to maximize shareholder value. It seems criminal that a company which developed such compelling software may soon be at an end. One wonders if Be would be in this sorry state of affairs if current legal proceedings against Microsoft had been concluded years earlier, or if Apple had been successful in purchasing Be back in 1996. Let's hope some good comes out of this sad story.       


Web Watch

An NVIDIA-flavored day with nForce, GF3 Ti200 and GF3 Ti500 reviews.  Also, a couple of new websites debut for 2002.  One patriotic site is designed to help you save oil in the coming year.


January 1st, 2002


Happy New Years!

May 2002 be a good one for you all.  Last year's turbulence left no one untouched, but after 2001 the Good and the Just and the Free now face assaults on two fronts.  Attacks come in the War Against Terrorism, but the subtler and much more dangerous foe is engaged in the escalating War Against Tyranny.


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