Press Release: AMD Reaches Out to Consumer, Small Business Advocates to Drive Discussion on Improving the Technology Experience
Posted By Kathy Smith

Date: January 25, 2002


AMD Forms Global Consumer Advisory Board, Selects Initial Members.

SUNNYVALE, CA-JANUARY 23, 2002-AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the formation of its Global Consumer Advisory Board (GCAB) to evaluate and improve the quality of the home and small business computing technology experience. Leading consumer and small business advocates from Asia, Europe, North America and South America will identify and seek to resolve key challenges in computing technology facing home and small business users.

"Consumers and small businesses have not felt the need to completely embrace existing technologies despite the tremendous benefits they bring to our professional and personal lives," said Pat Moorhead, vice president of Customer Advocacy and chairman of the GCAB. "Through the GCAB, AMD is bringing together consumer and small business advocates who are passionate about making technology more relevant to users."

"Consumers often find it very time consuming and extremely confusing to determine what technology suits their needs," said Ken McEldowney, executive director of Consumer Action. "I look forward to engaging in a dialogue on technology issues with AMD and the GCAB members from other parts of the world."

"Technology can have a substantial impact on a small business by increasing efficiency and profitability. However, it can also be intimidating," said Don Wilson, president and CEO for the Association of Small Business Development Centers. "The GCAB will study these issues and work together to develop ideas so that everyone can take full advantage of the innovation that technology brings."

The GCAB members announced today represent five U. S. members and one Canadian. AMD will announce representatives from Asia, Europe, Mexico and South America in the near future.

* Jim Blasingame is the creator and host of the nationally syndicated, weekday radio/Internet talk show, "The Small Business Advocate," and author of Small Business Is Like A Bunch Of Bananas. He brings the GCAB a comprehensive background in small business issues, and an intense passion for small business, which is evident in his extensive multi-media activity. Fortune Small Business identified Blasingame as one of the 30 most influential people in America representing small business, and he is a 2002 nominee for the SBA's Small Business Journalist of the Year award.

* William Halal is a professor of management at George Washington University and on the board of directors of the World Future Society. He is an authority on emerging technology, strategic management and institutional change, a renowned author and developer of the GW Forecast - an electronic network of global experts who forecast emerging technology trends. Halal brings an expertise on future technologies and trends.

* Ken McEldowney is executive director of Consumer Action, a San Francisco-based consumer advocacy and education membership organization. He can offer the GCAB consumer perspective on technology solutions and the challenges consumers face with other industries. Consumer Action has worked on food, insurance, utility, privacy, toxics, health care, banking and telephone issues for 30 years. He chairs consumer-focused committees with the California Public Utilities Commission and the FCC.

* Tricia Parks is the founder and president of Parks Associates, a consulting firm providing competitor, technology and consumer research to help clients deliver products and services that improve the quality of their customers' lives. She brings to the GCAB research-based knowledge of consumers and emerging technologies. Parks also founded Wiring Americas' Homes, a consortium advocating for improved wiring capable of handling future digital needs in North American homes, now under the auspices of the Home Automation Association.

* Barry Wellman is a sociology professor at the University of Toronto, as well as director of the University's NetLab. Wellman studies social networks, collaborative work and the integration of the Internet into daily life. Last year, Wellman was awarded the Outstanding Lifetime Contribution Award by the Canadian Sociological and Anthropological Association. Wellman has co-edited a new book, The Internet in Everyday Life, to be published by Blackwell this summer. He will bring knowledge on technology and its impact on society from his research.

* Donald Wilson is the president and CEO for the Association of Small Business Development Centers, which represents the SBDC network delivering nationwide educational assistance to strengthen small/medium business. Wilson brings a knowledge of small business needs and a desire to help small businesses succeed.

"The GCAB is part of AMD's ear-to-the-ground customer advocacy initiative," said Moorhead. "We are committed to providing home and small business consumers with the best computing technology experience and the ability to make the best technology purchasing decisions. The GCAB will take our long-standing appreciation and respect for the customer one step further by putting us directly in touch with home and small business advocates."

The GCAB is the second customer advocacy initiative announced by AMD in recent months. In October 2001, AMD announced the True Performance Initiative (TPI), through which AMD will assist customers in understanding the benefits of PC performance. TPI also will help define a new, more accurate measure of processor performance for standard applications.

The GCAB plans to meet four times annually. If consumers or small businesses have questions or would like to provide information to the GCAB, they can e-mail amd.gcab@amd.com.

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