Press Release: SiS & Gigabyte SiS645 Joint Conference in Moscow
Posted By Kathy Smith

Date: January 28, 2002


Jan 28th, Taipei, Taiwan – Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading core logic and graphics supplier, today joined a press conference with Gigabyte Technology, to announce the debut of the latest SiS645 incorporated motherboards: GA-8SRX and GA-8SDX. It was the first time that SiS held a joint promotion with its customer in Russia. The joint conference was part of the SiS global strategy followed with a series of aggressive marketing activities.

Gigabyte demonstrated two motherboards with SiS645 chipsets – GA-8SRX and GA-8SDX. Both boards can support P4 CPUs with FSB of 400 MHz. In addition, they provide 3 DIMM slots which support up to 3GB of memory size and two different types of DRAM: DDR333/266/200 and PC133. By including an AGP 4X slot, a CNR slot and 6 PCI slots, they provide ample expandability and a full range of peripheral support. The unparallel strength of SiS645 was fully unleashed to provide both value and affordability to consumers. Moreover, with Gigabyte’s patented DualBIOS, Easy Tune III, Q-Flash and @BIOS features, users will be able to update their BIOS with ease.

Featuring unprecedented high performance, full compatibility, low energy consumption, and high market potential, SiS645 employs the open architecture with independent north and south bridge (SiS645/SiS961). The SiS645 is the world’s first P4 chipset in supporting DDR333 memory module. In addition, the proprietary MuTIOL (Multi-threaded I/O Link) technology from SiS provides a peak bandwidth of 533MB/s between the north and the south bridge. PCI bus is then able to operate at a peak of 1.2GB/s (approximately 10 times the speed of traditional PCI at 133MB/s); hence, SiS645 drastically increases the operating speed of peripherals. Next, SiS645 supports DDR333/DDR266/PC133 memory modules with up to 3GB system memory in order to achieve the highest performance. SiS645 fully supports AGP4X/2X graphic interface as well as Intel’s latest P4 400 MHz FSB. The complementary south bridge, SiS961, provides extensive multimedia capabilities such as 5.1 channel AC’97 Audio, 10/100 Mb fast Ethernet, V.90 software modem, Home PNA 2.0, dual IDE channels with ATA 100/66/33, 6 PCI masters, and 6 USB ports.

Since the introduction of SiS645, many motherboard manufactures have commercialized the integration of SiS645 in their design as a result of its outstanding performance and extensive features. The launch of GA-8SRX and GA-8SDX from Gigabyte reinforced the high expectation and confidence given to SiS645.

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