Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 16, 2002


Hardware-Test.dk: Review of Waitec Shining 17 TFT Monitor

Excerpt: "Waitec produces everything from monitors to CD recorders. We've been looking on one of their flagships, a 17" TFT monitor not only cheap, but also sovereign in it's area."


Overclockers Online: T.I.T.I. Dr.Thermal TI-V77 CPU Cooler Review

Quote: "I certainly have no problem with recommending this Dr.Thermal TI-V77 to anyone who is in need of a good all-round CPU cooler. The cooler fits on every CPU except for the Intel P4s (What a shame)."


geek.com: DRAM Prices More Than Double in Under 2 Months

Quote: "Prices for 256 MB SDRAM and DDR DIMMs have more than doubled over the past two months at the top online memory seller - Crucial.com, a division of Micron Technology."


bench-house.com: Soltek 75DRV2 - KT266A Based Motherboard Review

Excerpt: " Soltek’s newest motherboard based on the VIA KT266A chipset is the best proof that the so-called “small” manufacturers have learned everything there is to know about motherboard manufacturing."


socketa.com: Abit KG7-RAID Review

Excerpt: "The KG7 RAID is one of the top performing 760 boards.  It is also among the most stable boards I have ever had the pleasure of using.  The overclocking features are well documented, and have no limits artificially imposed by the manufacturer."


socketa.com: New Bios Files for the Soltek 75DRV2, Epox 8KHA+, and the A7V266/A7V266-E links


Think Techie: Compaq iPaq Pocket PC Review





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