Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 15, 2002


lostcircuits.com: Soyo Dragon Plus

Excerpt: "As the probably flashiest VIA KT266A-based mainboard, the Soyo Dragon Plus combines excellent performance with opulent features such as on-board 6-channel sound and SPDIF interface, integrated network and an included Smart Card reader along with all necessary accessories.... Overall, a very well designed board with excellent performance, the weak points are limited overclocking potential and compatibility issues with the Ti 500 card used (ASUS)."

vr-zone.com: Intel Pentium 4 DDR Chipsets Roundup

VR-Zone compares all the DDR chipsets current in the market, including of ALi ALADDiN P4, Intel 845B0 DDR, SiS645A2 and VIA P4X266A.


overclockers.com: PCDB Back Online!


penstarsys.com: Creative Inspire 5700 5.1 Speaker Set Review

Excerpt: "To get to the $299 price point, Creative had to shave a few corners, and these compromises make the system much less impressive than first thought. The first thing that catches the eye is that all the cones are paper surrounded by foam."





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