Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 31, 2002


socketa.com: Tyan Tiger MPX Review

Quote: "Tyan has again created an excellent dual Athlon board with their update to the Tiger MP. The 760MPX chipset has proven to perform a bit better, and it adds support for 66MHz 64-bit PCI."


Overclockers Online: Socket A HSF Roundup

Quote: "This time they take a look at the ZEN CPU Radiator, the new Zalman heatsinks, the Volcano7 from Thermaltake, the MCXC370 and MCX462 from Swiftech and many others."


lostcircuits.com: Radeon 8500 Mods

Quote: "What happens if a blowtorch and a sandblaster are applied to a RADEON 8500LE? Add some penciling and a powerdrill  and the result is total destruction (but only of the original specs)."

hardware-test.dk: Review of Shuttle Spacewalker SV24

Quote: "What makes this case special is the very small size; Asus, for example, is much bigger. And by the way….this is made of aluminium ;-)"


Hardwareluxx.com: Abit KT7A and Athlon XP - it really works !

Quote: "We wrote a little guide on how an Athlon XP will work perfectly in an Abit KT7A Raid, even if Abit doesn´t want to :-)." In German.




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