Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 4, 2002


USB 2.0 Support to Windows XP

littlewhitedog.com: Windows XP USB 2.0 Patch available for download.


TecCentral.de: Vcore Mod. for the Epox 8KHA/8KHA+ Mainboard

"Now you can take the vcore up to 2,3 Volt !!!"


socketa.com: ECS K7VTA3 Revision 2 Review

Chris Tom writes" We have posted our review of the ECS K7VTA3 revision 2 which uses the VIA KT266A chipset.  This is the lowest cost KT266A based board available."


lostcircuits.com: FIC RADEON 8500 Review


lowendpc.com: What Can You Do With a Low-end PC?

lowend pc writes: "What are the upper limits of the low end? And what can you do with a PC at the bottom end of the curve? Some helpful suggestions for vintage (386 era) hardware."



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