Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 26, 2002


BlargOC.com: Northward Case Tattoo Article

Quote: "Northward Graphics have supplied us with a Vinyl Tattoo for testing. The good thing about Northward is you can send them your own design by sending them a 720 dpi resolution image."


Hardwareluxx.com: Western Digital WD Caviar 1200BB

Quote: "Astonishing performance and 120 GB capacity gives us a reason to give the drive our Hardwareluxx-Award." In German.


Hardware-Test.dk: Review of Legend QDI NEW PlatiniX 2D Mainboard

Hardware-Test.dk looks at a NEW mainboard from QDI Legend, the PlatiniX 2D for Intel's P4 CPU and i845DDR chipset.


vr-zone.com: SiS R658 & i845G Chipset Information


ipKonfig.com: Neon Light Mid-Tower Case (Review)

Quote: "Once in-awhile a product comes along that is so sleek in style and packed with so many innovative features that it catches your eye immediately. The "Neon Light Mid-Tower Steel Case" is just such a product."


Psychohardware.com: Case Mod Contest

Quote: " Do you have special case that needs to be shown to the world? Is it a work of art in the making? Then show it to the world and win a prize at that. Send in up to 3 pictures of your case and the mods you have done. All pics must be no more that 200 kilobytes and send them to casemods@psychohardware.com"


Hardware-Test.dk: Review of Alpha's PAL 8045 Cooler


AtlantaOC.com: Review All 4 Arctic Silver Thermal Compounds

Quote: "Now that Arctic Silver III has been released, we wanted to see how it compares to the previous Arctic Silver products."


Penstarsys.com: RAMSINKS and Heat Spreaders

Quote: "Recently I had the chance to try out the heat spreaders from Corsair on a generic stick of memory.  While the results were not miraculous, the overclocking headroom was increased by a fairly impressive margin."


Think Techie: Lian Li PC60 Contest Nearly Over!


Hardwareluxx.com: Maxtor DiamondMaxPlus D740X 80 GB Reviewed

Quote: "Maxtor DiamondMaxPlus D740X 80 GB is one of the first drives offering the new ATA/133 interface." In German.


Think Techie: Nostromo n50 Speedpad Review

Quote: "The Nostromo n50 SpeedPad is one of the wave of new game controllers that remove the unbalanced use of the mouse and keyboard for games, allowing typing for chat and other in-game functions easier, also grouping well-used and necessary keys into easily reachable positions right at your fingertips."


bench-house.com: Cooler Roundup

Quote: "The coolers reviewed are: Cooler Master AAC001, Cooler Master HCC-002, Evercool ND12T, ThermalTake Volcano 6Cu, Volcano 6Cu+, Volcano 7, Global Win SAK 38 and Global Win CAK II-38. The coolers were tested in open and closed computer case states. The processor used was AMD Athlon XP 1500+ and all of the measuring was done through use of ASUS' IPanel diagnostics device."


ZZZ Issue 113

Quote: "This week we talk about magnetic fridges, power generating mud, and review a portable writing tablet (which turned out to be a big headache)."


Hardware-Test.dk: Review of the Iwill XP333R


Amdzone.com: Acorp 7KT266A Review

Quote: "The Acorp 7KT266A is a no thrill KT266A motherboard that is in the same class feature and price wise as the ECS K7VTA3 rev 2.  With good stability and a blue PCB it is an interesting board for those on a budget but wanting a quality KT266A based board who aren't worried about overclocking."



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