P4 to Cause 20% Shortfall in Motherboard Shipments

By Mario

Date: January 8, 2002


DigiTimes reports:

Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers said that shipments of Pentium 4-based motherboards are expected to fall 20% short of their original targets in January and February, despite Intelís confidence that it will be able to resolve the processor shortage in the first quarter.

In a related story, Digitmies also reported:

Demand for Socket 370-based chipsets from VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) is now exceeding supply. The shortage of Pentium 4 processors and DDR SDRAM has given rise to strong demand for 0.13-micron-fabricated Celeron 1.2GHz processors and their accompanying Socket 370-based chipsets.

In other news, DigiTimes also reported on a rumor:

Reportedly Intel plans to introduce the new SDRAM-supporting 845 chipset at a price below US$30 to secure its share in the P4 market. After launching the original SDRAM-supporting 845 in August, the chip giant had introduced the DDR SDRAM-supporting 845B0 in November. However, DDR memory prices have been rising rapidly, pushing price-sensitive consumers to consider other options.


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