Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 5, 2002


TecCentral.de: Vcore Mod. for the Soyo K7V Dragon Plus and Others


TecCentral.de: Config Guide for the Soyo K7V Dragon / Dragon Plus Mainboard

This guide contains tips for better performance and stability.


Think Techie.com: Global Win SAK38 HSF Review

Think Techie also has a new 99.999% browser compliant web design .


Amdmb.com: Iwill XP333-R ALi M1647 Motherboard Review

Lars Olsen writes: "Although it didn't turn out to be as fast as the VIA KT266A or NVIDIA nForce Chipset based boards....it is an outstanding motherboard filled with great features and quite an impressive overclocker."


psychohardware.com: How-To LAN Party


psychohardware.com: Windows Networking How-To


bench-house.com: Budget Video Card Reviews

A review of Power Magic's Radeon VE and Kyro II cards.


Hardware-Test.dk: Review of nVIDIA's GeForce3 TI200 Reference Card

Tests compare this card to other GeForce 3 based cards.




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