Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 8, 2002


PCPowerzone: VIA C3 Review

PCPowerzone writes: "If you want a DVD or MP3 box, a web server or a LAN box, or even a cheap family PC the VIA C3 933MHz is just great for any of these, the C3 is perfect for notebooks too with such low power usage and heat generation it would work very well as a laptop CPU likewise."


New Asus A7V266-E Bios Version 1005E Final

Chris Tom sends us this from Asus.


Nvidia Announces Unfied Nforce Drivers

Chris Tom sends this. Go to SocketA.com for details and the download is here.


Otaku PC: AMD Extreme Performance Project 2002 Coverage

OtakuPC writes: "What better way to start the New Year then with a new CPU?  How bout a free one?  Just three months and two days after AMD released the AMD Athlon XP 1800+ with a fantastic cross country promotion, AMD did it again! "


ThinkTechie.com: Lian Li PC60 Contest

"Want to win a Lian Li PC60 case? In the Thinktechie.com forums we are holding a contest for one. We have posted a pic for everyone to make a caption to."


AtlantaOC: Thermaltake Volcano 7 HSF Review




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