Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 3, 2002


GamePC.com: AMD's Athlon XP2000+ Review


GamePC.com:  Asus's A7M266-D Motherboard Using AMD's latest 760MPX Chipset Review


MP Reviews of MSI's K7D Master Using the MPX Chipset

Here at ViaHardware.com and here at t-break.com.


bit-tech.net: A Clear Case of Macro Black

"After seeing Koolvins Project Crystal, I started thinking "How about taking the same clear case and doing something completely different just for fun?". "Go for it!" said the Modfather, so I did and "Macro Black" was born. This entire project started out purely as an exercise in modding, but resulted in a case I fell in love with and decided to keep."


ipKonfig.com: New heatsink to hit the market soon...

New unique looking heatsink is reviewed.


TecCentral.de: Vcoe-mod. for the new Asus A7V266-E Mainboard

Now, you can take the Vcore up to 2.1 Volt !!!




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