Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: January 19, 2002


vr-zone.com: ALi 2002 Chipsets Roadmap

Some details from the road map,


ALi MAGiK 2 that supports AMD AthlonXP/Duron, DDR333, AGP8x, Hyper Transport, Sample Q1 '02, Production Q2 '02


M1687 that supports AMD Hammer CPUs, DDR333, AGP 8x, Hyper Transport, Sampling Q3 '02, Production Q4 '02.


ambmb.com: MSI K7N420 Pro nForce 420-D Motherboard Review

Quote: "This red beauty is based on the NVIDIA nForce 420-D Chipset and turned out to be a both fast and stable board as well as a real pleasure to work with. However for the tweaker/overclocker there's still much to be desired."


ipkonfig.com: RTCW Name Trail Effect (How-To)

Download a .cfg file to that allows you to add a trail effect like the one found at the end of Return to Castle Wildenstein.


bit-tech.net: Macro Black Part 2

Painting Macro Black.


thinktechie.com: Thermaltake Active Memory Cooling Kit Review


planet3dnow.de: Asus A7M266-D Part 1" (AMD 760MPX)

Part 1 contains stability tests and the comparison against 17 single-cpu mainboards. This review is in German.




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