Now For PC Magazine

By Wilmark

Date: January 9, 2002

Yesterday I sent a link about PC World's Review of the Northwood and a comparison of the competition. Now PC magazine.



Check out these two links above on the New Northwood introduction. One is a release and the other is a performance review of systems that have the new Intel hardware.

Every single article on the Internet that Iíve read about this major introduction have compared the Northwood with the Athlon xp2000+ or so.

Both articles above do not even mention Intel's competition but merely rants about what a great introduction is it. Also its is ironic that the majority of articles Iíve read on the by the hardware enthusiasts sites - have concluded that even with its die shrink and extra features (cache etc) the Pentium 4 still cannot compete with the Athlon chip on a performance level FAR less than on a value or price/performance yardstick Where the AMD offerings are coupled with a standard memory interface which Intel is only now getting their act together, changing sockets and other issues, no wonder even those sites that conclude that the Pentium 4 was slightly ahead said that they personally would continue using the Athlon as their platform of choice. Even PC World, that is almost like PC Magazine reported that the Dells that had the 2.2 Northwood couldn't compete with the Micron with the Athlon XP1900!!!

Note the above articles carry no mentions of any AMD Products. Also recall that when AMD introduced the XP line it was well received by everyone in the industry and considered a major achievement - THAT IS everyone except PC Magazine (no mention of it was made in News or First Looks etc. Recently when the Athlon was voted "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" by READERS (not editors) of Computer Shopper - This achievement was masked by putting the award towards the end way after all the dell and Microsoft awards - Shouldn't "Product of the Year" be the main Award??? Maybe the Editors should order a "recount of the votes". AMD is no longer the choice of just their "zealots" or followers - but is the choice of almost every hardware site, they now have about 27% of the overall market, have significant market share in Europe and Japan. The Athlon will probably be recorded in History as the most significant desktop CPU in x86 history!! Why is PC Magazine ignoring such a loud existence? Are they bought by Intel?

Its clear from the widespread comments that the issues of performance, infrastructure (chipsets, memory interfaces) and Intelís attitude to the rest of the industry has placed them in an unfavorable position with both their partners and end users. Why is this so significant? It is truly amazing that a magazine like with such a historical following as PC Magazine and Computer Shopper (and CNET) - they never seem to report accurately about CPU's especially as it pertains to Intel and AMD. They have missed the mark over and over again and again - and it misleads the average computer buyer both corporate and home users - who donít have much of a clue of what is taking place in the industry. Everyone does not (or cant) read Anandtech, or Aces (or even Extremetech for that matter). It is truly one of the wonders that THE INDEPENDENT GUIDE TO TECHNOLOGY continues to misinform the public. Also consider how much Computer shopper is off base too, Computer shopper used to be the guide that all hobbyists use to order Computer Parts by mail order just 5 years ago before Pricewatch came into existence - have adopted the same policies of Misinforming its readership - thatís why I guess their circulation (and content) is fading quick.

Over the past two years the Athlon has maintained a consistent lead over Intelís line both in terms of performance delta and Value. Still Pentium is more popular. I recall in 1999 before the launch of the Athlon - with no comparable Intel chip in site - most of the Enthusiasts thought that the Athlon would have put Intel out of business Ė Not with DELL and PC Magazine on their side!!! What is interesting is to see when Hammer hits the market how much crap will the buying (and reading) public stand for. Its time that ZD publications be put out their pathetic existence, by their readership.



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