September 30th, 2001


MSNBC Paints Anti-Globalization Factions As Peaceniks and Anarchists

Anti-globalization is one of the most diverse -- perhaps quirkily so -- movements in history and it is irresponsible to infer otherwise.  And don't forget MSNBC's recent-but-classic piece claiming pacifists are evil (yes, "The Evils of Pacifism" was stated outright on MSNBC's front page).  In fact, this now edited article suggests that anyone who disagrees with any of the measures that Ashcroft and company are seeking are evil -- and "evil" is their word.  Transitively, this suggests that together with MSNBC's peacenik piece that anti-globalists are also "evil."  Agree with pacifists or not, it is a horrible breech of journalistic responsibility -- especially in our current crisis -- to brand those who oppose violence as "evil."  But the real objective of the pacifist piece seems to be to cultivate hatred towards and fear in those who might be questioning some of Ashcroft's more extreme measures (see our September 25th news post for more details).


Britain Makes Plans to Exterminate Its Entire Sheep Population...

...if BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) is found in its national flock.


Fossilized Titanosaur Embryo Fossils Described

Softball-sized eggs hold unhatched skeletons of baby giants.  More on this story can be found here.


Instant Message Warnings of September 11th Attacks?

At Yahoo News.


Tech Report: Microsoft's Accelerated Coerciveness

A thoughtful discussion on the Beast of Redmond's increasingly pushy upgrade tactics.


September 29th, 2001


Hacking the Crusoe

Views inside a Sony PictureBook


New AMD IDE driver

Chris Tom let us know that you can now download a new AMD IDE driver, version 1.40c, that supports Windows XP.


September 28th, 2001


Guest Opinion: The Decline of Intel

John Kocurek stabs Intel in the heart.


Jerry Sanders’ Compelling Address

Calling a spade a spade.


Guest Opinion: The Big Business of Terrorism

Are some modern terrorists actually working hand-in-hand with corporate interests?


Guest Opinion: Once Upon a Time

Who is Nils Dahl?


September 27th, 2001


Guest Opinion: The Next Industry Standard Architecture

And now for something entirely different.... Nils Dahl adds quality to the wish list in designing standards.


Want to see THE best close up pictures to date of a comet nucleus?

Spencer Kittelson shows us.


Press Release: VIA Technologies, Inc. Announces the VIA VT6202 USB2.0 Four Ports Host Controller for the PCI Bus
Offering transfer bandwidths 40 times faster than original USB specifications, the VIA VT6202 USB2.0 Host Controller is compliant with key industry interfaces to allow a full range of signaling speeds for enhanced peripheral performance.


Pandering to the Masses: Does Engineering Still Matter?

Intel's Pentium 4 is more flash than substance and the chip titan hopes to hoodwink the public with marketing.  Mega-Hurts over real performance.


September 26th, 2001


Press Release: AMD Wins 'Best Of Show' At Midsize Enterprise Summit
IT executives vote AMD third consecutive win for clarity, depth of enterprise message.


Press Release: Kentron Technologies® Announces That It Has Licensed Its Advanced FEMMA Memory Technology To Avant Technology
Avant technology will be able to take advantage of this FEMMA license to manufacture and sell low-profile, high density memory modules, which are highly demanded, by the growing 1U, blade and hyper dense server marketplace.


Year-One Computing Assessment:  The Operation of Flight Recorders

More on Flight Data Recorders.


Details on Solid-State Flight Data Recorders from Spencer Kittelson

Today's FDRs and CVRs are all solid state and generally use flash memory for storage.  The physical recorder that Mr. Luke describes is not capable of recording the requisite dozen or so signals that modern systems use.  The physical recorder is a masterpiece of simplicity and ruggedness but simply provides too small a dataset and is too expensive to replace when its capacity is consumed.


Solid state units can record 24 hours of flight data (FDR) and two or more hours of cockpit voice (CVR).  I think they are required to withstand 30 minutes of 2000 degree F heat.  There has been a move recently to up that level of heat integrity to slightly higher temps and longer durations but the effort had stalled.


In theory, if not quite all of the chips are toasted, at least some data can be recovered from the unit.  However, once the silicon is "cooked" the state of electron charge is lost due to thermal excitation and changes in morphology of the storage cell.  I don't know what that temp is but you could get a rough idea by testing a batch of compact flash cards in your oven with varying time/temp curves.


More C3-In-a-Can Pictures

Fun packaging.


Once Upon a Time: Remembering Chuck Peddle

...and his place in Commodore history.


Guest Analysis: Aircraft Black Box Survivability

David Luke thinks "black boxes" are much more robust than the media -- or the government -- lets on.


September 25th, 2001


Press Release: AMD Announces Closure Of Fabs 14 And 15
The company will close Fabs 14 and 15, two semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities (fabs) in Austin, Texas


Guest Opinion: The New Alliance of Microsoft-AMD-NVIDIA?

And why Intel should be concerned.


Socket A: ALi MAGiK 1 Rev B0 Preview

The new revision has much lower latencies than before, but the VIA KT266A still looks like king.


Lost Circuits: Review of the Tyan Tiger MP

A budget version of the respected dual-Athlon Tyan Thunder motherboard, Dr. Michael Schuette provides a very detailed review and delivers a good overview of AMD multiprocessing technology.


Ashcroft Lobbies for Police State

The U.S. Attorney General is calling for "sweeping powers" infringing on personal privacy and individual freedoms to carry out a litany of new measures which include expanding FBI wiretap authority, enabling secret searches (invade your home, search and even seize items while you are away and not tell you about it until months later), granting government investigators ability to "access users' Internet information without a search warrant" and expanding the DNA database.  Many of Ashcorft's requests have little to do with terrorism and are applicable to any criminal case.  Calling 225 years of American law "outdated statutes," Ashcroft expressed his lack of faith in our country's ability to handle the current crisis without undermining basic tenants upon which our nation is based.


September 24th, 2001


Interview with Mark Kubovich, Founder and President of HandEra, Inc.

Mr. Kubovich of HandEra, Inc., the makers of the HandEra 330 and TRGPro, took some time to speak with me about the company and its evolution in the hand-held PDA market (a.k.a. how one company moves to the Hand Era in computing solutions).


Arabic World Finding C3 Appealing

An article from ITP.net


Microsoft Delays X-Box

Launch date is now November 15th.


Press Release: SIS Launches SiS650 - The Pentium® 4 Chipset with Integrated VGA
Making inroads into the Pentium®4 chipset market, SiS breaks new ground with the dynamic demonstration of the SiS650 chipset, integrating high-performance Real 256 bit 2D/3D graphics engine


September 23rd, 2001


Multiple Crusoe Benchmarks Runs

Transmeta has claimed that the performance of the Crusoe improves after the first run since the processor can access its cached "Code Morphing" translations.  This notion is something that I tried to make the reviewing public aware of over a year ago.  However, in general, multiple runs on the Crusoe do not seem to yield much of an improvement.  In some cases, second runs can actually deliver worse scores.  For instance, I have just run CPUMark99 twice in a row with the first score being 35.8 while the second score was a lower 35.4.  As promised, we will have a more detailed analysis up shortly -- hopefully later this week.


A Letter from a Transmeta Employee

After Friday's article publishing preliminary benchmark results of VIA-Centaur's C3 and Transmeta's TM5600, we received the following note from a Transmeta employee who has since requested anonymity:

I think it disingenuous to publish Via/Centaur-related news, reviews, and propaganda on VansHardware without revealing your affiliation with that organization. If you are working for Via (or Centaur), as reported on geek.com today, your site should be relabeled Van's Via Fan Club or some such name indicating the affiliation and bias of the site.

We are most definitely not a fan site of any kind.  I have tried to document the events of VHJ both thoroughly and publicly.  As I wrote earlier this month, I have had to take a job to support my family since site revenue was very poor and we could not find a sustainable business model that would not undermine objectivity (my employment history is also a matter of public record, and my seeking objectivity has always been central to my motivations). 



As I disclosed, I now work as an MPU compatibility testing engineer for Centaur.  I have stated that VIA-Centaur has put no pressure on Van's Hardware, and the site will remain independent which has been our intention from the start.  In fact, I have to be very careful to clearly avoid inferring a site relationship of any kind with VIA-Centaur because few companies would want to risk being associated with the eclectic and controversial topic mix we carry.


As my wife just said to me "the numbers are the numbers."  We will publish our testing methodologies in detail so that any interested third party can reproduce our test conditions.  We will also work with Transmeta to ensure that their product is represented fairly and that there are no innate flaws in our testing procedures regarding the unique performance characteristics of Crusoe.


On a positive note, AMD did not flinch when I told them of my new job, and they will continue to work with VHJ in the same manner as before.


September 22nd, 2001


Atlanta OC: 150 MHz Corsair SDRAM Review

256 MB stick of CL2 memory.


Mad Cow Disease Confirmed in Japan

Marks first Asian case.


Hammer Timetable

Our informant has told us that a possible early release of the first of AMD's next generation 64-bit processors is now beginning to appear in doubt.  Although it may not appear in early spring, the formal scheduled timeframe of 2H, 2002 does not appear to be in jeopardy. 


Texas Child Predicted September 11th Attacks?

Fifth-grade boy has been reported to the FBI by his school.  Xinoehpoel has competition.


September 21st, 2001


Mobile Phones May Harm the Brain

Research study indicates that mobile phones may harm the brain through the radiation that cell phones emit.


Preliminary Benchmarks: The VIA C3 Versus the Transmeta TM5600

A quick look at the relative performances of two competing low-power computing architectures.


Yahoo News Hacked by Security Expert

...and a Sklyarov article rewritten.  In the middle of the current crisis, it is a strange time to publicly undermine the news service's credibility.  Yahoo has since plugged the security hole.  Does anyone know what has happened to Yahoo Alerts?  I stopped getting them soon after I published one about the Utah AMTRACK two-train collision.


September 20th, 2001


VIA's C3 Chip-in-a-Can

Pictures from Japan.


Press Release: AMD Platforms Certified For Pinnacle Systems' State-Of-The-Art Video Editing  Solutions
Recognition from industry leader Pinnacle Systems expands AMD's presence in the digital video market


Press Release: VIA Technologies Sues Intel® Over Intel Pentium® 4 Processor

Centaur patent at the core of suit.


Press Release: VIA Confirms Donation of US$1 Million to aid Victims of Terrorist Attack in the USA

Sadly, this comes at a time when Taiwan has been hit by a devastating storm.


Press Release: VIA Releases Special Edition of the VIA C3™ 800MHz Processor "Cool Chip In A Can" Packaging

We will have a picture of this packaging later today.


LostCircuits: ASUS P4B vs. MSI 845 Pro2-R vs. Intel D850MD vs. Shuttle AV40

The good doctor of hardware sites, Michael Schuette, has produced a detailed article on the currently available core logic platforms for the Intel Pentium 4.  Michael made an interesting quote regarding the recent Intel-Rambus cross licensing agreements:

From the point of view of Intel, there is hardly any other route that can be taken at this time since rumor has it that the Rambus contract could potentially penalize even participation of Intel in DDR roadmap discussions with the proud sum of $500,000,000.00, enough money to have everybody shut their mouth. There is hardly any other way to explain the consistent endorsement and subsidizing of RDRAM by Intel, other than that there were no other alternatives.

I had been told nearly a year ago by an insider that Intel secretly wanted to ditch Rambus and throw its weight behind DDR SDRAM, but could not yet due to contractual obligations.  Further supporting this statement is that while Intel representatives were always quick to point out even the most gentle of criticisms I made towards their company, they actually subtlety complemented me for my Rambus articles -- even those that severely impacted the IP company's stock price.


September 19th, 2001


Intel Goes Crazy

Intel's Jeff Austin, marketing manager for the chip titan's desktop platform group, allegedly claimed the following regarding the newly launched i845 chipset:

The 845 chipset provides a significant performance improvement over Intel's 815 chipset, which uses a Pentium III chip, Intel said. In comparative tests on mainstream applications, a 1.8GHz P4 using the 845 chipset ran between three to four times faster than a 1GHz PIII chipset using the 815 chipset, said Jeff Austin, marketing manager for Intel's desktop platform group.

These are patently absurd claims, since it is widely recognized that on many mainstream applications the 1.8 GHZ P4 / i845 combo performs no better than the PIII -- much less "three to four times faster."


U.S. Govenment Planned Terrorist Attacks Against Own People?

Disturbing allegations were raised in a Baltimore Sun article about a book released earlier this year by a former ABC investigative reporter.

U.S. military leaders proposed in 1962 a secret plan to commit terrorist acts against Americans and blame Cuba to create a pretext for invasion and the ouster of Communist leader Fidel Castro, according to a new book about the National Security Agency.


"We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington," said one document reportedly prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," the document says. "Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation."


"We could sink a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida (real or simulated). ... We could foster attempts on lives of Cubans in the United States, even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized," the document says. Another idea was to shoot down a CIA plane designed to replicate a passenger flight and announce that Cuban forces shot it down.

If anyone has read this Doubleday book, Body of Secrets, please let us know how well the author substantiated his incendiary claims.


Typhoon Nari Pummels Taiwan

One of the worst storms ever to strike the island of Taiwan has already killed over thirty people and has shut most of the island down.  Even our emails to many of our comrades there bounce or fail to be delivered.


VIA to Donate $1,000,000 to US Victims

CEO of VIA Technologies made the following statement regarding VIA's pledge to help American victims of terrorism:

Like millions of people around the world, we were deeply shocked and saddened to learn about the terrible tragedy that occurred last Tuesday morning and we would like to extend our heartfelt prayers and condolences to all the victims and their families. This donation is the most practical way in which we can help people who have suffered from this horrific event.

Get Well, Mike

Our friend, Mike Magee of The Inquirer, is having heart surgery.  Our prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery go out to you, Mike.


September 18th, 2001


VIA C3 Processors Finding Success in Asia

Embedded part a big hit.


September 17th, 2001


The New York Times: Xinoehpoel And the FBI

The New York Times published an article about Xinoehpoel today (you will need to register to get access to the article, but it is free).  We released an extensive interview with the self declared Doomsday Prophet yesterday.  Here is a quote for the NYT piece:

The few people reading the obscure Internet discussion over the prophecies of Nostradamus dismissed it. But seven days after the message, on Sept. 11, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked. Xinoehpoel quickly returned to the discussion to gloat that he had predicted the disaster.

That was when the F.B.I. and antiterrorism investigators in 10 cities started calling the offices of O1.com, a Sacramento company that sells Internet access to smaller Internet service providers. Xinoehpoel's messages could be traced back to one of the company's clients, said Brad Jenkins, the company's president.

What is disturbing about this article is that it favorably and almost lightheartedly portrays escalating government Internet surveillance technologies, such as Carnivore, as our savior:

Mr. Jenkins, the Internet entrepreneur, said that his view of government surveillance had shifted. "Certainly it appears that one of the ways these guys communicate is electronically," he said. "I think everybody would say, `Let 'em watch it'. "

In our fight to protect our country, we must be careful not to sacrifice our long term freedoms.  Carnivore was not necessary to catch the eccentric and chatty Xinoehpoel -- reportedly, hundreds of people turned him in almost immediately -- and real terrorists recognize that the Internet is not a secure medium.


Press Release: Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample"

With recent current events, we have a backlog of work, including this press release for Gainward's new video card.


Atlanta OC: Pretty Purple Shim

Shims can be useful to protect a CPU core from being damaged, but they can also fry the Thunderbird if not installed correctly.


US Government and Invest Bankers to Attempt to Stay Market Crash

Some see an initial "patriotic rally" to be followed by steep declines in following days.


"Mystery Object" Caught on Videotape of Second Tower Collision

Perhaps merely a visual artifact, a strange black object streaks in front of the Towers soon after the impact of the second airliner (despite an illustration to the contrary, close examination of the video seems to show the object flash in the foreground of both buildings).  If the object is real, one possible explanation is that it is a fighter or even a bird flying close to the camera.  The article links to a video much clearer than the screen captures presented in the article itself.


September 16th, 2001


Asian Markets Tumble Yet Again

In anticipation of Monday's reopening of American trading, Asian markets fell sharply again today.  The Japanese Nikkei fell 5.6% to its lowest levels since 1983.  This follows on the heels of Friday's European sell-off, as investors there fear an imminent recession in wake of recent terrorist activity in the midst of already sagging economies.


Microsoft Deletes World Trade Center From Flight Simulator

The software leviathan has removed the models of the Twin Towers from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.  The new version of the long running game is still expected to be released on schedule in October.  In a related story, several British stores have removed the flight simulator from their shelves out of fear that it can be used to train terrorists.


Xinoehpoel Interview

Due to intense reader interest, we have arranged an interview with the controversial self-declared prophet, Xinoehpoel, whom we mentioned in a September 13th news item.  Substantiated through newsgroup posts, Xinoehpoel apparently predicted that a calamity would occur on September 11th, the date of the recent attacks against the United States.  Since then, reportedly the FBI has been investigating him for possible involvement in these violent acts.


Disclaimer:  In no way does Van's Hardware Journal endorse the views Xinoehpoel expresses in this interview.  The interest behind Xinoehpoel has approached mania in some corners of the Internet, and this is understandable given these confusing and often frightening times we live in -- we all yearn for clarity and direction and, for some, Xinoehpoel seems to have delivered a measure of this in his foreboding forecast for September 11th. 


It is our hope that by presenting this interview in raw, factual form (as in our direction with technology) that our readers can gain perspective on the Xinoehpoel issue.  Nevertheless, we must warn that some readers might find ideas expressed in this interview to be disturbing and even offensive.  I, Van Smith, take full responsibility for making the editorial decision to publish this interview.  I pray the article serves to expand insight, compassion and awareness of the fragility of the human spirit weakened in a world full of doubts.


September 15th, 2001


Atlanta OC: Overclocking the Athlon

The cheap 1 GHz "AYHJA" chip sails above 1.5 GHz.


Five Die as Two Sections of Texas's Longest Bridge Collapse in Barge Collision

A barge ran into a support of Texas's longest bridge, the Queen Isabella Causeway, causing the collapse of two sections.  At least five people are dead as cars plunged into the water.  Thirteen people have been rescued from from the waters that separate the Texas mainland from South Padre Island.


Hammer Confusion

Many interpreted our post yesterday as meaning that the Hammer will launch in November.  In fact, we believe that the correct interpretation appears to be that the SOI 0.13 micron versions of Hammer will begin sampling to manufacturers in November so that infrastructure developers can ramp for a potential early spring launch of the CPU line.


September 14th, 2001


AMD Hammer News

On August 3rd we reported news that AMD's first 64-bit processor had been sampling since July.  Our informant has now given us an update on the progress of this highly anticipated and crucial line of MPUs dubbed "Hammer":

I don't know if I can say anything about the roadmap I have seen. But it looks like an anonymous person may go to the German hardware store to get a Hammer, to build a Ramp in November.

We will leave it to our readers to decipher this message.


Hammer processors, sometimes referred to as "K8," will first be produced on an advanced 0.13 micron SOI process out of AMD's Dresden megafab.  Unlike Intel's Itanium, Hammer chips will provide uncompromised performance on legacy 32-bit applications as well as open up the 64-bit computing "new frontier."  In fact, Hammers are expected to be the fastest chips in the world at running 32-bit x86 code, while seriously challenging the fastest 64-bit processors on 64-bit code. 


The first desktop Hammer product, the so-called "Clawhammer," will also be only slightly more expensive to produce than contemporary Athlons making 64-bit processing a real option for the masses in the near future.


September 13th, 2001


Xinoehpoel: Prophet, Villain, Lunatic or Lucky Scam Artist?

A self declared Doomsday prophet writing under the name "Xinoehpoel" has come under fire for one of his recent predictions.  Writing in an Internet newsgroup dedicated to the famous 16th Century French Astrologer and Physician, Nostradamus, Xinoehpoel started a thread on August 31st entitled "911," a number some have interpreted in retrospect to mean the date of the recent attacks.  Further supporting this is the following post on September 4th, seven days before this week's horrendous events:

Wait 7 days, and then maybe I'll answer this post. You see, I am going away in seven days, and you will not hear from me again.


For some, Xinoehpoel's activities have apparently seemed a little too accurate, prompting them to claim that they have notified the FBI of his activities.


For those interested, Xinoehpoel, who spends much of his time insulting other posters, is a follower of another self proclaimed Internet prophet, Sollog, who is as infamous as he is popular.  Both believe that this week's tragedies will lead to escalating violence in this country, throwing it into chaos.  Some of the acts they "predict" that will happen this year include the use of so-called "suitcase nukes" against American cities leading to the unraveling of the country before the end of the year.  Sollog himself claims to be a follower of Nostradamus.


Despite the fact that it appears Nostradamus was incorrect with his millennial predictions for unrivaled worldwide catastrophes and war, followers of his prophecies seem to be as numerous as ever.


AMTRACK Train Wreck

Yahoo News is now reporting an AMTRACK rail accident in Utah.  It appears to be a two-train collision.


Air Travel to Resume Today

Yahoo News is reporting that federal officials announced that air travel will resume today at 11 AM EDT.


Lonely Skies

A VHJ reader writes melancholy prose of a night sky grown suddenly quieter:

You know what's weird? Almost every evening my wife and I sit out on the back porch out here in the country (way past Dripping Springs) and watch the stars come out. There is a major flightpath just north of us and we can usually see the twinkling lights of planes and the distant roar of jet engines passing by every 10 minutes or so.


But not for the last couple of nights. If it weren't for the red lights on the broadcast antenna about 20 miles away near Marble Falls, it would seem we were the only ones on the planet now.


You don't notice stuff like that until it's gone.

I think many of us have noticed the almost eerie emptiness of our abandoned skies.


Prayer for Our Nation


Roz Fulmer sent to us this prayer for our country:

Dear Heavenly Father,


We are moved by the alarming news and crisis that our country is facing. This, the greatest nation, founded in the belief that "In God We Trust" & the "Land of the Free". Please have mercy on those suffering, hurting and in fear, and give wisdom & strength to those who are assisting. 


May the forces of evil be broken by your power and may we be humble before thee, our strength and refuge.  Give wisdom to our President & all our leaders and bring your comforting peace through the power of your Holy Spirit. Help us  here to reach to those that have been affected by this tragedy.


In the name of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. AMEN

It is in times like these where it is most important that we all seek clarity within chaos.  As I have recommended many times in my semiconductor analysis, "Trust what you can verify," but now it is also important to stress to not lose Faith.


September 12th, 2001


Fuel Hoarding, Price Hikes Confirmed

ABC News confirmed early this morning that fuel hoarding and price hikes were occurring in several parts of the country.  Prices as high as $5 per gallon were reported.  However, representatives from multiple oil companies have stated publicly that there is no supply basis for price hikes at the fuel pump.  Government officials are warning those "opportunists" seeking to profit in the wake of this national crisis, that they could be punished.

A mild panic for fuel finally began gripping Austin late last night, according to local media, and prices had elevated in a few local locations.


Reader Joe G. reports from Ohio that gas prices in his area had risen as high as $6 per gallon and Ohio's governor is promising investigations into price gouging.  According to Ohio television news reports, the price hikes were being attributed to "a problem with gas tankers being on the roads right now."


Miracles in Mayhem and Creeping Mayhem

There have been many reports of people recounting near misses.  In our circle, a family friend related her family's blessings:

Thank you for your concern.  I thank God that Dan took his time going to the office this morning...he was on the ferry when  he saw the second plane hit.  Rather than continue to Manhattan the ferry headed back to Jersey City where I was relieved to meet Dan at the dock.  His office building was the third to collapse.  His department was successfully evacuated, but we don't know about the rest of the office.  It is  really unthinkable.  I heard both impacts from our apartment and could see the tongues of flames from our balcony.

Joe G. writes of a friend blessed with similar fortune. "I know one of the luckiest women in NYC, a friend who called off sick this AM from her job, in the World Trade Center," Joe wrote, "Sue used to work in an office that overlooked Times Square. Her company a year ago moved into WTC."


While the news media is now claiming that "Authorities in Massachusetts have identified five Arab men as suspects in Tuesday's attack on New York City",  "cynical" writes of both his concerns and hopes for our country's reactions -- influenced by provocative images of Arab celebrations replayed many times in mainstream media -- in light of this unprecedented crisis:

Reportedly Arab and Muslim groups in California and elsewhere have been deluged with flames. Even though the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon were without doubt barbaric, blind nationalistic/religious flailing of fists in retaliation is totally unjustified. Decorum is called for. Nothing else would do America, or its people, justice.


It is my hope that in future times people will look back on September 11th, 2001 and remember how America conducted itself in the aftermath in pride, and not in shame.


Grace Under Fire

Joel Hruska writes about his views of the reaction of many in the hardware community to the current national crisis.


September 11th, 2001


Bioterrorism Feared

"5:23 p.m. - Reports to NewsMax from New York City indicate that TV stations are advising people experiencing flu-like symptoms to report to hospitals because of the possible threat of bioterror attacks."


No Gas Hoarding in Austin

Although there may be panic and fuel hoarding in other places, it does not seem to be happening here.  Austin appears calm and traffic at gas stations seems normal.


Red Cross Needs Blood

"Donors who wish to give blood in the coming days to replenish the nation's blood supply are encouraged to call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE to make an appointment."


Gas Prices Spiral Upwards

Gas stations are running out of fuel.  Gasoline prices in Little Rock are quoted at over $4 a gallon.


Astronauts See Smoke From New York

"Astronauts living in the International Space Center, orbiting the earth at more than 200 miles out, report they are seeing plumes of smoke emanating from Manhattan from the collapsed World Trade Center buildings"


Russia Goes Into High Alert

"And at least three money exchanges offices in the Russian capital refused to accept dollars. Cashiers said they had been given instructions not to accept the US currency, universally used as a safe haven by Russians."


Crashed Pittsburgh Plane a 747?

"Contrary to earlier reports of the plane being a 767, Cavanaugh said he was told the airplane was a Boeing 747, the largest passenger jet flown domestically."


List Of Crashed Planes

And details on the number of passengers and crew aboard each.


European Market Tumbles on Attacks

"By mid-afternoon, the FTSE 100 Index was off 219.6 points at 4,814.6, while all the European markets plunged."


Today's Attacks

If you would like to share your opinions on today's events or have any news, then please send them to us.  Right now, I don't think any of us can get enough information.  For instance, there is a rumor that oil refineries are being shut down and people are now flocking to gas stations in some areas of the country.  If you can confirm or deny this, please let me know.


Microsoft’s Dilemma: The Real Piracy Solution

Joel thinks that Microsoft's high prices are a key contributor to piracy of its own wares.  Speaking of the Redmond Beast, don't forget the anti-WPA petition.


AMDZone: Review of the Sys Cold Fusion 1.86 GHz Athlon System

Chris throws a slew of benchmarks at this KryoTech-based system.  He also has a bizarre news item on the site revealing what appears to be legal documents substantiating that AMD might be trying to sue another site in his network for copyright infringement.


Press Release: VIA Introduces New C3 866 MHz Processor

C3's are selling very well.  In fact, VIA has orders well beyond current production capacity.


September 10th, 2001


Scientists Object to Pharmaceutical Companies Funding Research on Own Products

...sounds a little like the current benchmarking scene and our related objections.


Site Update

Hopefully there will be smoother seas ahead.


September 9th, 2001


Intel Sues VIA

And a brief history of their relationships.



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