Site Update

By Van Smith

Date: September 10, 2001

I apologize for our being down the last week, but as I stated in a previous update I have had to take a job to support my family.  The income from this site has only been enough to pay for hosting fees for about a year.  Although we could have pursued other site revenue opportunities, we did not want to wander down a path that could ever potentially undermine editorial objectivity.

Stating that, I am now residing in Austin, while my wife and children are still in Springdale trying to sell our house.  I started my new job last Tuesday working as a compatibility testing engineer for Centaur.  I will be testing, benchmarking and creating performance evaluation tools for Centaur's line of MPUs.

Legendary throughout the industry, Centaur is an extraordinary company to work for.  The organization is run by engineers and this is very evident in the details of the work environment.  For instance, one of Centaur's perks is that meals are paid for -- breakfast and lunch are delivered everyday and dinner is free if you work overtime.  There are also no vending machines: snacks and drinks are free.  Although these are small details, they are just an indication of the thoughtfulness and employee friendliness of this organization.  Centaur has a very low turnover rate and all of the people I have spoken with seem to be very happy in working here.

In the computer industry there are a handful of legends and Glenn Henry, the head of Centaur, is one of them.  Known for his wit and brilliance, Glenn Henry also sets the tone for an engineer's paradise by empowering all of his employees -- everyone appears to be valued and respected. 

Perhaps the most important reason for my decision to take the Centaur job was my respect for the company's honesty and integrity, and this character is established from its leadership downwards.

I will write more about Centaur and outline a few details of the C3 in the days to come.

Van's Hardware Journal will continue to be run independently.  Centaur, a division of VIA Technologies, has placed no pressure on us or our content.  The only change you will see is that occasionally we will publish a disclaimer indicating that all opinions expressed at this site are solely attributable to the authors' and not to any outside organizations that they might be associated with.

We also continue to solicit your input.  If you have an opinion or review you'd like published, please send it to me.


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