Press Release: SiS Launches SiS650 - The Pentium® 4 Chipset with Integrated VGA

Posted By Kathy Smith

Date: September 24, 2001

Making inroads into the Pentium®4 chipset market, SiS breaks new ground with the dynamic demonstration of the SiS650 chipset, integrating high-performance Real 256 bit 2D/3D graphics engine

September 24th, Taipei, Taiwan --
Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) – a leading core logics and graphics supplier, today launched the integrated chipset SiS650, which supports Pentium®4. In addition to having all the powerful functions of the SiS645 open architecture chipset, SiS650 integrates high-performance Real 256 bit 2D/3D graphics chip SiS315, which has already received widespread market recognition. Slated to offer the best price/performance solution, the SiS650 is expected to ship in October.

“SiS is armed with an excellent advantage for the new Pentium®4 chipset challenge,” said Alex Wu, director of Integrated Products Division at SiS. “Backed by years of experience in the research and development of integrated products, SiS has been able to bring the integrated product SiS650 to consumers in less than a month after the launching of its open architecture chipset, SiS645. By providing a comprehensive product mix, and fast and effective supply capability, SiS will help customers capture markets and create profits.”

The specifications of SiS650 are the same as that for SiS645, which was released by SiS a month ago. Not only does it support DDR333/DDR266/PC133 memory and provides a memory capacity of up to 3GB, it also supports the new-generation P4 400MHz FSB chipset, and connects with Southbridge SiS961 using SiS proprietary MuTIOL® technology, enabling the delivery of 533MB/s bandwidth. Most importantly, SiS650 integrates SiS315 graphics core, providing built-in Real 256 bit 3D graphics engine, and up to 2GB/s Ultra-AGPIITM bandwidth, which is equivalent to AGP8X. When used with the SiS301B video bridge, it can be hooked up to a second CRT screen, DVI LCD screen or NTSC/PAL TV to provide an even greater variety of applications for users and manufacturers. Also, it provides an AGP4X/2X graphics card slot, giving users more flexibility of choice and system scalability. The Southbridge SiS961, which comes with the SiS650, is also equipped with powerful multimedia functions, including 5.1 Channel AC’97 2.2 audio, 10/100MB Ethernet, V.90 Software Modem, HomePNA2.0, ATA100/66/33 IDE, six PCI slots and six USB ports.

The SiS650 is targeting at US$800 ~ 1200 PC market. It will be produced in SiS' own fab and slated to start volume shipment from October. It is priced at US$39 for 10,000 order.



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