Xinoehpoel Interview

By Van Smith

Date: September 16, 2001

A seemingly accurate prediction of the September 11th tragedies has created a fury of interest in the Internet newsgroup personality "Xinoehpoel."  Reportedly, the FBI is investigating the possibility that Xinoehpoel has connections with terrorist groups responsible for last week's horrendous catastrophes.

After intense readership interest in a brief news item we published on September 13th, we have arranged an interview with Xinoehpoel.

Disclaimer:  In no way does Van's Hardware Journal endorse the views Xinoehpoel expresses in this interview.  The interest behind Xinoehpoel has approached mania in some corners of the Internet, and this is understandable given the confusing and often frightening times we live in -- we all yearn for clarity and direction and, for some, Xinoehpoel seems to have delivered a measure of this in his foreboding forecast for September 11th. 

It is our hope that by presenting this issue in raw, factual form (as in our direction with technology) that our readers can gain perspective on the Xinoehpoel issue.  Nevertheless, we must warn that some readers might find ideas expressed in this interview to be disturbing and even offensive. 

I, Van Smith, take full responsibility for making the editorial decision to publish this interview.  I pray the interview serves to expand insight, awareness and compassion towards the fragility of the human spirit weakened in a world full of doubts.


1.  Although this is now clear, for the record, what does your posting identity "Xinoehpoel" signify?  Is it simply your name spelled backwards?

Yes, I started out with the name "Leo Pheonix" which all of my older posts are under, but then at one point I changed it and started posting under Xinoehpoel instead. I wont say why I did this, but it sure didn't take long for people to figure out.

2.  Do you consider yourself a prophet?  Do you consider yourself to be a doomsday prophet? 

I believe I know the future, yes. The only reason I consider myself a doomsday prophet is because that future happens to consist of terrible cataclysms that result in a great loss of human life. I know there are some people who think it is impossible to know the future, but let me say this: When a weatherman makes a prediction for rain, and he bases it on the study of his science, and he has faith that it will be whatever he says, but he allows for some room to be wrong, and when it rains, he says: "I knew it." But did he really, or did he just say that because he was right? Prophecy is not very different. There is room for mistakes, but when it comes to cataclysms, there is a basic element that has to be true. If I said for instance: "Mars is going to crash into the Earth in 2008," and it technically crashes into the Earth in 2009, like no big deal right? But if it just never happens, that is just sad. I am a scientist, and I have scientific reasons to believe Mars is going to crash into the earth in 2008. I love science. No one else can foresee these reasons because they don't understand how science works, or what G-d's relationship to science is.

3.  How long have you been making predictions and how long have you been posting them on Internet newsgroups?

Not long. As one can see, my history does not go back far on the Usenet let alone the Internet. About three years ago I was a completely different person, but I was prepared for this my whole life. After my schooling, over those three years I started to do a lot of research. I learned so much. Eventually, I did absolutely nothing else but research. I have been a loner my whole life. I have no friends and I can count the people I know on my fingers. Really. When I knew for sure that I was unbiased in all my beliefs, (being unbiased is the secret to learning the truth) I started to write, and I documented everything. It filled my head. I had logical and scientific reasons to back up every single belief of mine. Faith not required. I kept ignoring the old documents and wrote new ones. Never settle on the first draft. I went through so many beliefs and changed them all. I became flexible and unbiased; open-minded, as I still am and will continue to be. Now when I had written a list of the cataclysms that would befall mankind, the first starting slowly over late 2006 and early 2007, I wrote other predictions. My first prediction I wrote on the spur of the moment and published on Usenet. It was vague, something I dreamed the night before and offered no specifics. The 911 Prophecy was the next prediction I made, being also the first to offer a specific date, but again I did not say specifically what would happen. I have two more predictions before the first cataclysm, but I do not have all the specifics, so I'm afraid the next real prediction you will be allowed to judge me on is "global warming" in 2007. But if that seems all too probable anyhow, consider Mars. How can someone predict with 100% certainty that Mars is going to crash into the earth, as I do?

4.  Do you make any money at divining the future?

No. I could care less about money. While I would say money itself is not evil, it is a crutch, and one can get further without it. I tend to favor the poor over the rich, though I myself am living somewhat middle class, but I am completely broke right now and I am about to become a nomad. I think fame and fortune are vanities and all rich people should consider the saying: "Where your treasure is, there your heart is also."

On August 31st, you made the following post to the Internet newsgroup alt.prophecies.nostradamus (often referred to by frequent posters as "a.p.n"):

Something is going to happen tomorrow. This is a witness against everyone on this newsgroup. I hate this newsgroup, and everyone on it sucks. REPENT! You are all evil liars! Do not be so evil, and be holy. You are going to get me killed because of the truth of my mouth. I am not telling you what is going to happen until it does, because an EVIL and adulterous generation seeks for a sign.

This post was entitled "911" which started a thread that is becoming part of Internet lore.  Still, it is not clear what you meant in your initial post.  Nothing appeared to happen on the first day of September, and the following day you simply wrote: "This is a witness against everyone on this newsgroup."

5.  What, if anything, happened on September 1st?

Nothing as far as I know, except that it is expressed numerically 9-1-1, the start of the next month. You have to ask yourself, can this be a coincidence? No. I planned it. I fear to say more because of skepticism. I am actually surprised no one else has made sense of it. It is found within my personal writings, and hinted at in the gospels, but I fear to say.

Later, on September 4th, Tom McDonald made a post to the 911 thread asking you for more specificity on this issue and you replied as follows:

Wait 7 days, and then maybe I'll answer this post. You see, I am going away in seven days, and you will not hear from me again.


Taken together with your first post and a few other of your comments indicating that you were predicting an "end of the world cataclysmic" event, it can be argued that you were correct -- certainly, something terrible did happen on September 11th.   

6.  If you had foreknowledge of these horrible events (as you appear to claim), then why did you not warn people more specifically ahead of time so that innocent lives could be saved?

Let me make it clear that I most certainly had no knowledge of these attacks in that sort of way. My prediction was made at the call of my angels, and I made it according to the imparted call. Neither terrorists nor Osama Bin Laden were responsible for this attack, but as I said before, Satan. Who would I warn or what would I say? Our government is going to perform another Waco on 911, or another OKC "bombing"? I can but only feel sorry for those who believe what they hear in the news. And now they are going to perform another Kosovo!

Because it does appear to be a possibility that you had knowledge of the September 11th attacks ahead of time, a few people were concerned that you might have been involved in these events.  Not surprisingly several individuals have claimed to have reported you to the FBI for the 911 thread.

7.  Do you know if anyone has actually done this and have you, in fact, been contacted by the FBI?

I was going to leave that day, but I delayed and I just got too tired and fell asleep on the night of 9/11 (I live in California) and the FBI came knocking on my door the next morning and actually woke me up with the knocking. I talked with them about 30 minutes I think, and then they left. My computer was not confiscated, but I said I wouldn't post any more messages like the ones they were concerned about. I was unable to give them any knowledge of the attack, but I did tell them Satan was really the one they were looking for, and frankly they thought I needed special help, although perhaps not all of them, or that was all just a front. Seriously, aliens may have been impersonating those FBI agents. They also found out my true identity.

8.  What questions did they ask you?

Well at first they just wanted to know who I was and what my relationship was to the house I was in. After I was found to be a liar, I told them my real name and that I knew all about why they were there. I told them first of all that this was a false lead, because they seemed to be much more concerned about the WTC attack, and they said they had 1000's of leads to investigate. So I answered what questions they had and explained how it was that my "prediction" caught the attention of so many people. They said I was just like one yelling, "Fire!" in a crowded building. I told them pretty much the same things they had read on Usenet, and that I was innocent.

9.  How many FBI agents contacted you and what were their names?

I wont say their names as it could lead to my death if anyone is actually serious about their threat against my life. I remember their faces very well, and there were four, two guys and two gals. They were really nice despite what I have said about the FBI and ATF.

10.  You have promised that "curses" would befall all those who reported you to the FBI.  Given that at least some of these people were probably simply trying to do the right thing, do you think your "curses" are fair to them?

That is a difficult question to answer. I would say the intensity of their curses depends on the amount of trouble their actions have caused me. So far, that is not much, so I don't think they need to be too concerned about their curses, but I do think they should bless some strangers if they want to make up for them. That is why curses are always fair. Because if you ever do get cursed, whether you deserve it or not, you can always repel them by being blessing others.

11.  Are you a terrorist?

No. I would never do anything like what happened on the WTC unless G-d Himself ordered it. I think the reason I came across as a terrorist is because 1) I said Satan was responsible for the attack at God's command, and since I condone all acts of God such as Sodom and Gomorrah, I thus condone this attack, but ONLY when you understand it was not committed by terrorists! And 2) I so strongly protest against the government's unlawful laws, such as taxes, driver's licenses, passports, censuses, and things like that, and also other crimes like Waco, Kosovo, and things like that. And also the NASA Moon Landing HOAX, but I know skeptics wont believe me about that. There is just way too much propaganda floating around about it.

12.  Do you know anyone involved in the September 11th incidents?  Were you privy to any information regarding the September 11th attacks ahead of time?

Satan used mind-controlled Americans to hijack the planes, similar to the L.A. police shoot out. I had no advanced knowledge of this, but I realize this now based on the phone calls made from the people on the planes saying white Americans speaking English were the hijackers.

13.  Were these acts the results of a doomsday cult?

No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.

14.  You have claimed that the U.S. Government was responsible for the attacks.  How could the government train and deploy suicide hijackers?

Mind-Control. It is said to be how Princess Diana was murdered, and we know about this from "escaped" control subjects like Arizona Wilder.

15.  What is your opinion of Osama bin Laden?  Was he involved in the attacks?

I imagine Osama bin Laden is a real neat guy. I bet if any of us walked in his shoes or in the shoes of his followers, we would understand that they are good people. I would not be surprised if even Bin Laden was outraged by this attack. Terrorists get a bad rap. They don't do things like this, although they do get blamed for them. I bet Bin Laden was just as outraged as we were by the Arabs rejoicing in the streets, but as I said, I think we all know the real reason we saw that, to villainize Arabs in order to go through with the Afghanistan bombing campaign. If something I said conflicts with something you heard in the media, please strongly consider that the media is propaganda and doesn't report the truth. Thank you.

16.  What are the next events that you predict will occur?  Can you give us dates?  Do you still see the U.S. destroyed before the end of the year and how would this be accomplished by a handful of terrorists?  How can people protect themselves?

I think there will be a terrible earthquake in Los Angeles in 2003. I am sorry if I am wrong about this, but if you live in that city, just get out right now, because I KNOW "global warming" will force you to leave by 2007 anyway. After "global warming", the next thing you will see is Mars crash into the earth and leave red dust all over China, Japan, going over towards the UK and everything in the sea will die. Get out of the sea at that time. No one should be in China and Japan or the UK. No one should live by the coasts by 2007. If everyone did this, just think how many lives would be saved. I never said the U.S. would be destroyed by 2002 but Sollog said the U.S. wouldn't be a nation by then. Whether it is or not, I don't know, but it will still be considered one nevertheless. Sometimes I think Sollog goes out of his way to see how close he can get to make his predictions "technically true" while seemingly false. Sort of like the Oracle in the movie "The Matrix". Some say she was wrong, but others, no.

17.  What events do you see transpiring around the globe in the near future?  Will there be any people left on earth?  Who will be left in charge?

I think war will officially begin in 2006, and I think aliens will play a great hoax on mankind. I believe this hoax involves "global warming" and nukes, and like I said, the collision of Mars into the earth. This is all explained in depth on my website. Practically everyone will still be alive after Mars collides, and the aliens will be in charge at that time, even as they already are. That is when everyone should truly be worried, because not long after that is when three-fourths of the population of Earth is going to die. 

18.  Who is Sollog?

I don't know, but I have read a lot about him and I believe a lot of what he says. I have sent him three emails so far, but he has not even replied to so much as one of them.

19.  Are you Sollog as some have claimed?

No, absolutely not.

20.  Are you a follower of Sollog?  Where is he now (rumors are he has fled to the desert)?  Doesn't he portray Jesus as the devil and do you agree with him? 

I heard him say recently on his website that he was living underground in fear of the U.S. government! I don't know where he is, but I have heard he lives in Florida. Seeing as how he said nuke suitcases were coming, (but he never said to the USA other than Washington DC) it could make sense that he is underground to save himself from the nukes. I personally believe there are no nuke suitcases, but that the "nuke hoax" will be attributed to causing "global warming" at that time. This is part of a hoax.

As for Sollog claiming Jesus is Satan, I disagree. I do not believe Jesus was a deity, but just a man, nor was he born of a virgin, and I do not believe Jesus was a sacrifice for sin, but murdered by the Roman Government. I do however believe he was a god Adam before he wasn't a god, but not the Creator, and also that he rose from the dead and became a god, but not the Creator, because there is just too much evidence for that. But as far as virgin birth and atonement for sin, the evidence points to a scandal called the Council of Nicaea.

21.  Why does Sollog charge for his prophecies?

I have never paid him a dime for any of his prophecies. As far as I know they are all stored in the deja.com archive and on the Internet. I hacked into his members area one time and there were just hundreds of links to all his writings and articles, many of which are found on the Internet. Also, it says membership is free for seven days. I don't see what all the fuss is about. The only thing Sollog really seems to be charging for is his e-books, which he sells online, some of which are compilations of his prophecies. Despite this, I have still managed to get about four or five of them for free, which is way more than anyone could ever want to read about Sollog.

22.  What do you think of Nostradamus?  Weren't his predictions wrong for an end of the millennium cataclysm?

I think Nostradamus' writings are for the most part useless because they are so hard to make any sense of. The parts that are very clear, such as X-72 and X-74 about the "1999 years and 7 more" prediction about the "Terrible King", are very useful. This is just a shadow of my prediction and in the Book of Revelation that Mars (Terrible King/Wormwood) will come from the sky, first being seen in 2006, (1999+7) and crash into the earth in about 2008. Despite this being so clear to me, I am to my surprise the only one that has published this. My interpretations are archived on deja.com.

23.  Your predictions are often filled with religious allusions.  What is your religious affinity?

Even I have a hard time categorizing my religion. I believe Jesus rose from the dead, but am I a Christian? Not exactly. I believe Mohammed was given revelations by the archangel Gabriel, but am I a Muslim? No. I definitely believe Moses was given revelations by Yahweh on Mount Sinai, but am I a Jew? Well, they wouldn't say that about me, so why should I? I think it best if people do their own categorizing based on the beliefs I have imparted. G-d knows everyone has different definitions anyways for just was a "Christian", "Jew", or "Muslim" is. Take for example that a lot of Protestants don't even consider Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses Christians.

24.  In your September 4th post you said that you were leaving after the 11th and never coming back, but you continue to post messages.  Why?  Doesn't this invalidate at least an aspect of your own message?

Well I had every intention of posting again on the 11th, as I said, "to answer my post". That was going to be my last day of posting. But after the FBI arrived the next morning, I thought it would be best to back up some things on my computer in case the FBI deleted them later if they came back for my computer like they said they would, basically my three years of research. I then wanted to get my website up on the domain I requested before I went about to my other work, so people who were interested in my post would have a warning for the future. These are things I had previously warned in my other posts. I now plan to leave this Sunday, after Holy Sabbath.

On September 11th, 1998 Elnine wrote:



Sollog appears to have been incorrect, here.

25.  How do you explain this apparent mistake?  Do you consider Sollog to be God?

I have admitted before that I recognize the fact that many of Sollog's "prophecies" failed, fail, and continue to fail. This does not deter me however from believing that Sollog is a god of the G-d. Even though some of his prophecies fail, do you not admit that some of them hit with stunning accuracy, such as the Seattle Earthquake? Nevertheless, this has very little to do with why I believe he is one of the G-d.

26.  Finally, please feel free to add any closing comments.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that I have put my reputation on the line to prophesy the arrival of some great cataclysms that are about to befall the race of man, starting with the HOAX of Global Warming, which comes before the Collision of Mars, and lastly the GREAT BOOM, including the supreme judgment of fire foretold in 2Peter 3:5-7. I have explained the science underlying it all, and everything you must do to survive this Great Punishment unmatched since the Flood. While perhaps none of you believe the worldwide flood was a historic event, or that the earth is less than 6000 years old, it is of no matter to me because these things must come to pass regardless. A lot of people have made a lot of false assumptions about me, namely that I was a terrorist and/or involved in these attacks. Wrong! I am a prophet, and I prophesied what my angels told me to, and now that you have no excuse for your assumptions, ACT UPON my warning and do as I ask, which you should have done anyway. You shouldn't need a witness, but there will be many more witnesses, because G-d is coming to visit this earth and you all have a lot of repenting to do! Be holy and seek holiness and innocence. Do not condone the bombing campaign on Afghanistan, and do not be so evil. You really need to start protesting against your own government and stop interfering with everyone else's America. Americans that do not revolt against their own government are guilty for the sins of their government. Revolt and splinter from America and establish your own nation right here on the land of your own country. Do not pay your taxes or you are guilty. Do not work for the government or you are guilty. Teachers are guilty because they teach bias in school instead of scientific facts. 

Prison Guards are guilty.

Police officers are guilty.

IRS agents are guilty.

Military workers are guilty.

Fundamentalist Christians are guilty.

Fundamentalist Muslims are guilty.

Fundamentalist Jews are guilty.

Tax-payers are guilty.

Teachers are guilty.

Chemotherapists and Radiation therapists are guilty.

Polluters are guilty.

Dentists are guilty.

Schools are guilty.


Credit is illegal.

Paper money is illegal.

Social Security is illegal.

Welfare is illegal.

NASA, FDA, IRS, CIA, FDIC, ATF, FBI, and the federal government are illegal.

Aspartame, BGH, Canola Oil are illegal to put into food.

Censorship is illegal.

Gun Control is illegal.

Public smoking is illegal.

Needless road construction is illegal.

Public advertisements are illegal.

Prisons are illegal.


Anarchists are innocent.

Those who persecute them are very guilty!!!

Drug users are innocent.

Those who persecute them are very guilty!!!

Anonymity is legal.

Those who persecute them are very guilty!!!

Unauthorized construction and "trespassing" and claiming unoccupied land is legal.

Those who persecute them are very guilty!!!

Unauthorized ownership of guns is legal.

Those who persecute them are very guilty!!!

Abortion is unholy, but legal.

Those who persecute them are very guilty!!!

Homosexuality is unholy, but legal.

Those who persecute them are very guilty!!!

Harmless "crazies" are innocent.

Those who persecute them are very guilty!!!

In a few years I will explain what needs to be done to be perfect so as to be holy, but for now this list is enough.

Please visit my new website to learn more:         http://xinoehpoel.com/


A Final Note


Xinoehpoel's (or shall we say Leo Pheonix's) more established counterpart, Sollog, predicted in his "902" prophecy that today, September 16th, will be another day of terrorism.  "A big bang in a big building" are his words.  Furthermore, Sollog guarantees this: "WATCH FOR THE BIG BANG on the 16th day the 9th month. It is GUARANTEED." 

Although "902" predates the September 11th events, Sollog failed to correctly predict the world shaking occurrences of that day (although his protégé, Xinoehpoel, appears to have been questionably more accurate).  Of course with the presently heightened threat of terrorism, unfortunately few of us would be surprised by a "big bang in a big building" happening on any given day.  Still this is a benchmark of sorts -- though a weakened one under current conditions -- to keep an eye on.

Again, we repeat our recently modified credo:

Trust what you can verify, but do not lose Faith.


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