Press Release: Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample"TM

Posted By Van Smith

Date: September 17, 2001

Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample" featuring NVIDIA's GeForce2 Pro, 64MB of 4.0ns DDR memory, video-in/video-out (VIVO), digital video recording, video compression/ decompression (software MPEG-2/DVD), and digital video editing (software included)

Taipei - Hong Kong - Fremont/Ca., - Munich - Sept. 4th, 2001 --  Gainward Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of high performance 3D graphics and home entertainment accelerators, today announced the high-performance, "Windows XP ready" Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample"TM.

"Most of the computer magazines show graphics cards based on GeForce2 Pro at the top of their monthly TOP 10 list," Commented by Hans-Wolfram Tismer, Gainward's Managing Director Europe, "With the Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample"TM Gainward takes it a step further to offer "better than Ultra performance at Pro pricing" for the hardcore PC gamer. In addition, we added Gainward's award-winning home entertainment VIVO feature set in order to maximize the added value for Windows XP and to support Intel's vision of the extended PC platform."

The Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample"TM is today's most powerful 3D graphics card featuring NVIDIA's GeForce2 Pro GPU, plus 2 video-in and 2 video-out connectors (composite video and S-video) for digital video-recording and digital video-editing applications.

Featuring Gainward's brand new high-performance/wide-bandwidthTM hardware design, specially developed to take utmost advantage of 64MB of 4.0ns DDR display memory, the Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample"TM is also potentially the highest performing GeForce2 Pro graphics board ever built in mass production.

With "Enhanced Mode" enabled the Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample"TM runs at a significantly higher clock speed, resulting in up to 25% better 3D real world performance - compared with NVIDIA's reference design - when running at 1280 x 1024 @32 bpp or even higher resolution.

The Gainward GeForce2 Pro/500 XP "Golden Sample"TM will be available end of September 2001.

XPERToolTM Performance Tuning Utility

XPERToolTM is Gainward's performance tuning utility that allows the user to easily adjust the engine clock and memory clock of any Gainward product from NVIDIA's recommended default settings to even higher settings. Gainward offers the end user the choice to either run the board at "Default Settings" or at "Enhanced Settings" ("Golden Sample" products only, featuring faster memory) which offer enhanced real-world 3D performance for higher resolutions even at 32 bit color depth. Performance tuning is the most commonly used method among the ultimate power gamers to extract the utmost performance out of a high quality 3D graphics card. In computers with good ventilation, graphics boards can potentially run faster than in systems where the heat cannot dissipate. Gainward kept its design flexible, and in order to run at the highest clock settings possible most of Gainward's 3D graphics accelerators also features efficient heat control including a large, high performance cooling fan.

Robust and Complete Software Support

Gainward also supports all major OS and software standards including Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0/XP, Linux, Open GL ICD, and DirectX 8.0 to deliver the best performance while assuring the best possible compatibility with current and future applications and games. Gainward's products are also backed by a free driver update support through the internet, telephone/fax/internet hotline support. (www.gainward.com, www.gainward.de)



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