"Busy Hattie" by Flora Smith, age 6.


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Deepfreezing a Transmeta efficeon

What's that next to the Tony's pizza, frozen vegetables and Lean Cuisine?  Why a wirelessly remote controlled, $1,500 Transmeta efficeon notebook running benchmarks.  And what happened?  Performance improved up to 20%, among other things.

Warning: Don't try this at home!  Frost WILL form on your notebook which could cause the system to short-circuit and catastrophically fail.



Bits & Bytes: The P4 is Dead

Transmeta's Achilles' Heel, The Creature From Jekyl Island and more.


COSBI OpenSourceMark Preview

Get a sneak peek at this COSBI OpenSourceMark beta, the most flexible, useful and verifiable benchmark available today.  OSMark is a comprehensive benchmarking suite that is easily user extensible and will be ported to Linux.  We'll be releasing the source code as soon as we finish the documentation and stomp out the remaining bugs.  Follow the link above to learn how to use OSMark and download the beta.


Bits & Bytes

A look at two Prescotts.

Bits & Bytes

Van looks at the oh-so-hot Prescott, the chilly-willy Banias, Linux, PocoMail and more.

Tracking Transmeta

In our first major article in nearly a year, we closely examine the merits of the struggling, brash little CPU designer and its chances to reverse its fortunes with an ambitious new design dubbed "Astro."

The Miracle at Dunkirk

Finding God in war, my late father penned this true story about twenty-five years ago.

DIY Mobile Standards Feedback

Readers tell us what they think about a Do-It-Yourself mobile standard.

Breaking Performance Bottlenecks of SMP Systems with Opteron

Spencer writes, "How are we going to wring out the maximum performance from AMD Opteron systems?  We don't want to simply match existing SMP performance (which can be awful) but develop both OS and application designs which take advantage of the lack of limitations the new AMD architecture provides." Read more on what Spencer has to say here.

COSBI For Dumber Dummies

Kathy returns to Sam's Club to retest the PCs. Also, available for download is a preview version of COSBI QuickTest.

COSBI For Dummies

Kathy tests the newest version of COSBI at the local Sam's Club. She shares her results and experience with the new benchmarking application.

How Intel Subverts Journalists

Van comments on Mike Magee's story and discusses a recent experience with an Intel email.

AMD Announces Opteron

In a teleconference today, AMD christened the Sledgehammer “Opteron.”  We also discuss the background of this new enterprise-class CPU and have pictures from WinHec of the Opteron in action.

Intel Demos Banias

Van reports from WinHEC 2002. Exclusive details and pictures from Intel's Banias demo at WinHEC.

AMD Launches First Thoroughbred

Van reports from WinHec. With the new 0.13-micron-based CPU introduction, the chipmaker revamps its mobile lineup. Barton is also discussed.

Letter to Arctic Silver: Benefits Of CPU Compound Combined with Carbon Nanotubes

Phil writes, "Spencer’s link on the thermal properties of carbon nanotubes got me thinking how it might be used in thermal paste for CPUs.  Here is my email to Nevin House with Arctic Silver along with his response."


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