Thursday, February 4, 2010


9-Year Old A-Student Busted for 2" Lego Gun

A 9-year-old boy was nearly suspended from public school because the Lego figure he was playing with at lunch toted a tiny two-inch plastic toy gun.

To PS 52 Principal Evelyn Mastroianna: Go ahead, punk, make my day.

First kids are inundated with computer games in which they can kill whoever and whatever they want.
In television 'programs' these same kids are constantly being bombarded with images of war, murder, sex etc.
Even Disney, or should I say expecially Disney films are violent and full of hidden meanings. (Disney was a Mason).
And after having been exposed to all this crap kids are suddenly not allowed to replicate in miniature what they are being mind controlled with every single day of their lives?
Garbage in, garbage out...

Interesting note:
This specific kid must have been vaccinated, I see his eyes are not completely congruent (look at the whites of his eyes at the sides of his nose).
See how dr. Andrew Moulden explains this phenomenon on
On a photo like this he can even pinpoint which area of the brain has been damaged.

Vaccination damage does exactly what the power cabal wants: dumbing down, debilitating and sterlising the population.

What a world...
medical research journalist
wow, that gun looks like it can take out a million! Dangerous boy, ooooo, I'm scared now.

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