Saturday, April 25, 2009


Mexican Flu Pandemic Threatens U.S.

A new, hybrid flu strain containing pig, avian and human flu components has struck Mexico, killing up to 68 and sickening at least 1,000 others. Given Mexico's impoverished third-world status and with the country currently coming apart at the seams, the real number of infections is probably at least a hundred times higher.

The infection count north of the border continues to rise with two confirmed cases in Kansas to add to the nine already identified in Texas and California. A private Christian school in Queens, New York is suspected to have been hit by at least eight additional cases.

The two Texas flu victims originate from San Antonio, but we are aware of several severe flu cases in Austin from early this month that have the hallmarks of the new, deadly strain. In all likelihood, the Mexican Flu has probably already established a firm foothold in America with hundreds of unreported or misidentified cases.

The Mexican Flu has unusual characteristics that suggest that it might be man-made. The timing of the Mexican Flu outbreak also follows closely behind the recent distribution of a Baxter flu vaccine contaminated with live avian flu virus.

With America already under siege from a carefully constructed economic attack, a manufactured flu pandemic would serve as the second prong of an offensive made to weaken and then pacify our country. I anticipated this tactic in my predictions for 2009.

If indeed the Mexican Flu is the second stage of the globalists' war against the U.S., the fear and chaos the corporate media nurtures will probably be leveraged to further the NAIS initiative and serve as an excuse to slaughter hog populations throughout the country. This will decimate many small farmers. Along with new, so-called "Food Safety" measures, these steps will will allow the federal government, now largely a proxy for globalist interests, to seize control of the nation's food supply.

Additionally, the crisis will allow the President's emergency powers to be grossly extended, setting the stage for random and warrantless "health safety" searches of Americans and their homes. Travel regulation, gun seizures, forced relocation, forced inoculations and troop deployment for police actions throughout the country are also likely to follow.

In fact, Mexico has already enacted many of these measures. From the CNN article linked above:

Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Saturday issued an executive decree detailing emergency powers of the Ministry of Health, according to the president's office.

The order gives the ministry with the authority to isolate sick patients, inspect travelers' luggage and their vehicles and conduct house inspections, the statement said.

The government also has the authority to prevent public gatherings, shut down public venues and regulate air, sea and overland travel.

The main intention of this second prong of attack would be to deploy the control mechanisms that the globalists need to pacify uprisings in this country that might otherwise awaken and unite our very powerful nation against them.

If you are aware of extant Mexican Flu cases in the U.S., it is important that you quickly disseminate that information in order to defuse the groundswell of panic that the corporate media and the globalist controlled WHO appear to be nurturing. Moreover, take precautions and limit exposure to yourself and your family. The recent, suspect flu cases in Austin were severe, although everyone recovered.


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