Thursday, April 30, 2009


Mexican Flu observations

The U.S. Government, the corporate media and the WHO -- three globalist organs -- continue to under-report the number of Mexican Influenza cases and underplay its lethality.

At the same time, the WHO and the U.S. Government are deploying higher and higher levels of pandemic controls.

Monday's conveniently timed buzzing of "Ground Zero" New York by one of the President's 747s flanked by two fighters was almost certainly a psyop intended to blunt public attention away from the flu, where the first line measure of shutting down the U.S.-Mexican border has still not been taken.

It appears that the Mexican Flu is virulent and spreading rapidly. The number of existing cases appears to be significantly higher than what is being reported. When the true numbers are finally released, they will probably be accompanied with unprecedented measures from our federal government.

While no cases of the flu have been detected in pigs yet, Egypt has already announced that it will slaughter its entire hog population.


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