Thursday, April 30, 2009


Cooler Master HAF 932 for $124.99

New Egg is running a sale on the Cooler Master HAF full tower computer case. I have one of these at home, and it is an outstanding case that I highly recommend. Kathy paid Fry's $160 my HAF. New Egg is selling them for $124.99 with promo code EMCLRPL24.

With the HAF and Sniper cases, Cooler Master is probably producing the best mid-priced enthusiast cases right now. The Antec Twelve Hundred has its high points, but it is not tool-free, has limited front panel connectors and the case fans do not have motherboard connectors.

My Cooler Master HAF recommendation comes with two caveats: 1. It's a huge case. 2. It doesn't have filters.

Although the Cooler Master HAF features three huge 230mm fans, only one is lit by LEDs. These fans do not have external speed controls, but are very quiet. Cool Master should also implement hot swappable SATA drive bays like those on Zalman's case.


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