Friday, January 16, 2009


Chip Giants Hammered By Economic Storm

The worldwide economic storm continues to hammer the computing industry. Chip maker AMD confirmed additional layoffs and pay cuts today:
AS WE REPORTED this morning, AMD has announced to employees they will be undergoing imminent layoffs and pay cuts.

A memo, reportedly sent out by CEO Dirk Meyer himself, detailed the extent of the chip firm's damage control, and AMD confirmed the numbers to the INQ moments ago.

AMD noted, "As a result of the continuing global economic downturn, we have determined that we need to take difficult, but prudent, actions designed to reduce our costs."

The statement continued "Beginning in February, we are undertaking several steps to lower costs, including temporarily reducing employee base pay and suspending some benefits programs."
At the same time, archival CPU vendor Intel announced that its Q4 profits crashed by 90%. According to The Register, worsening market conditions have forced Intel to postpone Lynnfield's launch yet again.

Asian motherboard makers say Intel will postpone the launch of its next mainstream quad-core processor line, code-named Lynnfield, according to DigiTimes.

In addition, the usually reliable Taipei news service reports that Chipzila will also postpone Lynnfield's companion chipset, the P55.

According to DigiTimes' sources, the chips - up until today set to launch in July - won't appear until August or September or until "an even later time depending on the market situation."

A bit bleak on the future there Van. But then again I always thought you were a bit further out there than I am.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that overall, your last posts have a high degree of probability, frighteningly including the 2009 predictions.

So what are you up to anymore? If I recall, you worked with Tom's for a few years, then started your own, then fell out of reviewing all-together. Does that mean you're back, but posting general thoughts on the world more so than reviews?
Yes, unfortunately 2009 will likely be one of the bleakest years in memory. It brings me no joy to state that. Many people, many friends will be losing their jobs and homes. There will be a lot of suffering. It will probably take many years before conditions begin to improve.

The reality appears to be that the world's economy in general and the United States economy more specifically are being targeted by globalist powers in a covert economic war. The short term endgame is the collapse of the U.S. dollar along with the destruction of American sovereignty. Using the Council on Foreign Relations' own timeline, I predict that the dollar's value will soon tumble downwards rapidly, causing debilitating inflation. By 2010, a replacement currency, perhaps a continent-wide Amero or maybe even a new global monetary system, will be strongly pushed as the solution to the U.S. dollar's demise. Whether or not Americans stomach this choice is another matter. Of course, by that time either U.S. troops or multinational "peacekeepers" might already in be Mexico.

I set up this blog system to make it much easier for me and others to post new material to the site. I also wanted readers to be able to leave comments.

I enjoy writing, reviewing and analysis very much. I plan to post a new Bits & Bytes column within the next few weeks. We might even begin reviewing once again. However, it will be a slow ramp-up because I anticipate a lot of work over the next six months in my day job. So in the meantime, I will mainly post material to serve for me as a historical reference of events as they unfold, because I expect 2009 and coming years to be very, very eventful.
Well, I'll keep a closer watch on your site then. I used to only check in on it every 3 to 6 months, but now I'll add it to my weeklyish pages.

As far as Mexico goes, that is another excellent point. If Mexico blows up and becomes a war zone, we'll end up keeping everyone that is here as political refugees, and likely have millions more trying to get across the border. There is no way to take that kind of influx of humanity into this country. We're already on the edge with the 20 to 40 million that have already come to the country.

Something that may not have gotten out much is that some Mexican Nationals have tried to return to their homes down South, but for some reason been turned back. My neighbors in particular are who I'm talking about, they were returning home with vehicles, a couple trucks and a car, packed 11 feet high (the trucks) full of stuff from doors to mowers to just odds and ends. They returned about 5 days after leaving (from the Phoenix AZ area) and haven't said much. I only saw one of the vehicles returning as well. They were never too talkative, so I'm not sure why they returned.

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