Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: July 2, 2002


vr-zone.com: MSI GeForce 4 Ti 4600 Review Posted

Quote, "MSI definitely knew what they were doing when they released the G4Ti4600-VTD. With an extremely crowded market, it is tough to find the card that you're looking for. The G4Ti4600-VTD comes with a good line up of games, exceptional software, good performance, and solid overclockability to keep the gamer worried less about frame-rates and more about fragging. MSI did not only market the G4Ti4600-VTD at the hardcore gamer, it also had the media enthusiast in mind with its release. The card comes packed with all the connections and software one would need to start manipulating video."


zzz.com: ZZZ Issue 135

Hovertrek personal hovercraft, Trans-dimensional portals and what they have to do with PDAs, Monkeys using mind control to play video games, X-pro surveillance helicopter.


phlux.co.uk: Custom Window Etching

Quote, "While I was etching my design into the plastic I found it seemed to work better going in one direction than the other. I found that going in a specific direction would cause white marks to appear on the plastic. I recommend that you don't engrave from one direction to the other. I only used the Dremel in one direction and had a much better result."


hardware-test.dk: KT333 Mainboard Roundup

Quote, "There are 7 motherboards in this roundup, one of them with the KT266A chipset, the other 6 are equipped with the KT333CE chipset. The seven combatants: SOYO KT333 ULTRA Dragon, Soltek SL-75DRV4, Soltek SL-75DRV5, EPoX 8K3A, MSI KT3 ULTRA ARU, QDI Legend 7E / 333-A, ABIT AT7."


vr-zone.com: AOpen AX4B Pro-533 & AX4G Pro Reviews

Quote, "AOpen is determined to incorporate more features into their line of i845E/G boards with the new AX4BPro-533 and AX4G Pro which possess many interesting board and software features such as USB 2.0, 5.1 Channel Audio, LAN onboard, Dr Voice II, Dr LED, Vivid BIOS and Open Jukebox and many more. As usual, these boards sport a sleek black PCB with silver chipset cooler that looks pretty appealing. We will check out in details the board features, BIOS settings, overclockability as well as performance."


ocworkbench.com: ASUS P4S8x First SiS648 + 963 Mainboard

ASUS P4S8X first SiS648 + 963 mainboard supporting AGP 8x and usnig MUTIOL 1G


socketa.com: Acorp 7KT333 Review and Shuttle AK35GT2-R Review


systemcooling.com: Worth a Look!

Quote, "Swiftech MCX4000 Intel P4 cooler pictured here is the most advanced, high-performance, high-quality heatsink ever offered for the P4. If it looks familiar, it's because it is a re-design of Swiftech's MCX478 cooler coupled with the addition of the all new YS Tech 74mm TMD (Tip Magnetic Drive) fan for superior performance."


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