Please Pray for Amber

By Mario Rodrigues

Date: June 29, 2002

Dear Kathy and Van,

I am very sad that Amber's condition has deteriorated. There are some things that you may wish to do.

Your state is very blessed to have the Dallas Texas Temple in its midst. It is no ordinary church building. It is a sacred building that has been set apart for the blessing of God's sons and daughters.

All the temples throughout the world have what is known as a Temple Prayer Roll. This is a list of sick people who are prayed for within the Temple. You may wish to put Amber on the roll. They just need to know her full name and her illness: 972-991-1273 [ed: we have called this number and placed a prayer request for Amber]. If you think it's necessary, you may wish to put Amber's parents on the prayer roll as well, which would help to comfort them in their time of need. The Temple should be open from 6am on Saturday and from 7am Tuesday to Friday.

On the first Sunday of every month the church fasts. This means church members who are able abstain from food and drink for two meals, which is normally a 24 hour period. Pregnant women or mothers with young babies, and those suffering from medical conditions are exempt; also, those who are too young or do not understand the reasons for the fast. You need a good reason to fast, and I will fast and pray for Amber this weekend.

If the parents of Amber or yourselves would contact the local church unit before Sunday, or better, attend the church, I know that they would announce Amber's condition to the church so that the members can include Amber in their fast and in their prayers. You or Amber's parents will need to speak to a member of the Bishopric or the Ward Executive Secretary to make this happen.

One other thing that Amber's parents may wish to request is to have the local church leaders administer a blessing for Amber. If this doesn't help Amber to get well, it will help her parents to understand, and it will also comfort them.



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