Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 21, 2002


amdzone.com: Albatron GeForce4 MX440 Review

This company was founded just recently from some of the leadership from Gigabyte and Chun Yun Electronics. With such good people at the helm, one should expect good things from Albatron.


amdmb.com: Athlon MP Brings Star Wars Movies to Life!

Quote, " 'Pre-visualization serves two primary purposes -- to sell a concept and save time and money', said Daniel Gregoire, head of Lucasí previsualization lab. 'Our goal was to paint an accurate picture of what 'Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Clones' would look like long before filming was even started. Our AMD Athlon MP processor-based systems are ideal for running the extremely powerful software we rely upon,' said Gregoire. 'People who visit our lab can see how, using these systems, we are able to answer almost all of the creative questions from the start of shooting to the end of postproduction.' "


ocworkbench.com: ECS AG400T8-64 Graphis Card Based On SiS Xabre 400 Chipset

Quote, "AG400T8-64 is a 64MB DirectX8.1 AGP 8x card. It uses 3.3ns 64MB DDR SDRAM and supports tv-out and 3D glasses. It has a Memory Clk : DDR 500Mhz, Engine Clk : 250 Mhz. It uses the SiS301 chip for NTSC and PAL encoding for TV-OUT and it could be used for dual display or mirror display."


lostcircuits.com: ATI FireGL8800


socketa.com: ATI A3/FIC AT31 Fusion First Look

Quote, "Iíve posted up my first look at the ATI A3 powered FIC AT31 Fusion Athlon motherboard.  This is the first testing shown of this board on the net.  It includes benchmarks comparing it against the Nvidia nForce 420D based Asus A7N266-D."


teccentral.de: AVM Fritz Card DSL Review

Translated from German to English with babelfish.


phlux.co.uk: Slotbus Guide

Quote: "This is the first in a series of articles on fan control devices. Today I am going to be making a slotbus. A slotbus is very similar to a baybus but it is located on a PCI blanking plate. You may want to use one of these to power cathodes mostly but you can also use them to power fans. "


ocworkbench.com: P4T533 RIMM4200 Board

Quote, "We compared it with ABIT BD7-II RAID, MSI 845E Max2, DFI NB73-EA, ASUS P4B533-E, Gigabyte 8IEXP, Intel D845GBV, EPoX 4G4A, ASUS P4S533 SiS645DX mainboard."


systemcooling.com: Air Cooling: Rocket Science or Common Sense?

Quote, "In this article we'll try to answer the basic question asked in our title, and, along the way, show you some products that assist/help/enhance air cooling potential for our hot, high-powered computer systems."


socketa.com: Soltek 75DRV4 and ECS K7VTA rev 3.1 Reviews


monster-hardware.com: DIY Kleer-Dome Case Badges


bench-house.com: Bench House Is Back

Back on-line after a 45 day break.


blargoc.com: Zalman CNPS5100Cu CPU HSF Review

Quote, "I've had the chance to sample three of Zalman's products before and each time they've been very impressive products. This time I'm looking at the updated version of the CNPS5005Cu cooler, namely the CNPS5100Cu."


blargoc.com: Lian-Li PC-6083A Aluminium Case Review

Quote, "Today we have another Lian-Li case in for review, this time it's one of their newest cases, the PC-6083A, which closely resembles the PC-60 series but uses a different fascia and has a very nice addition to the standard chassis."


hardware-test.dk: DFI NB 73 EA Mainboard


ocworkbench.com: MSI 745 Ultra Voltage Modification


viahardware.com: RAID Seagate Barracuda ATA IV Comparison

Quote, "Comparisons were done with single, and two and four drives in RAID 0. In addition 64bit/66MHz slots were tested for comparison. We also have benchmarks from the tests the drives were put through."


elitehw.com: Linux Meets VPC

Quote, "eliteHW has completed an article on how to use Linux (or any other OS) inside Windows without formatting or using a separate system. In this article, they show you how to setup Linux so you can run it inside any Windows operating system and run it as if it were a completely separate system. This is an amazing step for people who want to try Linux and are too worried about messing up their current machine."


amdzone.com: XI Computer MTower/Athlon MP 2100+ Review

Quote, "We have tested out the XI Computer MTower based on the dual Athlon MP 2100+ that was announced today."


hardwareluxx.com: MSI 845E Max2-BLR Bluetooth Mainboard Reviewed

"This is MSIīs future : Bluetooth integrated into a motherboard ! But the MSI 845E Max2-BLR even offers more, because you will find integrated audio and raid as well as a great stability and a good performance, even if it just uses DDR266. Read on to see how the mainboard reached FSB740 (not FSB533) with this motherboard..."


overclockers.com.au: VIA "Eden" 800MHz Review

Quote, "OCAU has reviewed the 800MHz "Eden" platform from VIA. This is an all-in-one bundle including motherboard, CPU, onboard video and sound. It's not trying to be the fastest thing out there, but at 170mm square it's absolutely tiny!"



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