Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 18, 2002


ocworkbench.com: ASUS makes mobile phones (at CommunicAsia 2002 Singapore) and Samsung 512MB RIMM 4200

CommunicASIA 2002 coverage on mobile phones.


thinktechie.com: Jedi Knight 2 Review

Mike T of Thinktechie.com has posted a review on Jedi Knight 2 which is written by David Miller a great member of our forums.


liquidninjas.com: Budget Workstation Article

"I guess I've been spoiled by my ultra fast home PCs, but I just can't stand to do anything on my work PC anymore because of the lag everything has. The worst thing to me is that it makes my MP3s stutter constantly while I'm working, especially if I have more than one thing open. So, I requested a new PC for myself, and I was given a $2000 budget this time. Below is a list of parts and approximate prices for my new toy. The parts themselves were about $1800, but with taxes and shipping, the grand total comes up to just under $2000, without monitors and accessories."


phlux.co.uk: Samsung PC2700

Quote, "On default voltage, the Crucial RAM did fine at the most aggressive settings, but at FSBs 140mhz and up it would start to get a little shady. At 2.7v of vmem, The Crucial could handle anything as high of a bus speed I went. No flakiness at all. The Samsung on the other hand did great at all the agressive settings on default RAM voltage. At 2.7v again, the RAM did fine at aggressive settings. So clearly here, the Samsung has the upper hand. However, these aggressive settings didn't seem to help it out too much on the above benchmarks."


pcstats.com: PCStats Forum Memory Contest

Quote, "At PCStats, we're having a forum contest for the next 2 weeks. We're going to be giving away 2 sticks of 256MB Crucial PC133 SDRAM or 256MB Crucial PC2700 DDR RAM for the best computer tips of the each week."


hardwareluxx.de: Ennyah Radeon 8500LE Review

Quote, "We wanted to know how fast ATIīs Radeon 8500 LE is, so we took the Ennyah Digiforum Radeon 8500LE for a review. We compared it to all nVidia DirectX8 cards to get a big overview of itīs performance and we also took a look at the difference between the retail ATI cards, which are clocked 25 Mhz higher." In German.


hardware-test.dk: QDI USB Disc & Ezonics i330 Digital Camera

Quote, " We took a look at a small USB disc from QDI: "This little fellow makes it a whole lot easier to transport documents etc. from at home to work i.e., all thanks to its flash memory.

"Mega Pixel from Ezonics: I was chocked when I discovered the quality of this camera. Not only do I recommend you to buy your own example, but I've already bought one myself."

littlewhitedog.com:Lian Li PC-61 Review


penstarsys.com: Shuttle SS40G Review

Quote, "This is not the standard review of this product, as I was able to get it to work with the VisionTek GeForce 4 MX420 PCI video card. This turned out to be a very impressive combination, which could lend this to be an outstanding value workstation/LAN gaming computer. I was also able to replace the standard Sunon 80 mm fan with the ThermalTake Smart Case Fan with fantastic results in both cooling and noise/vibration production."



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