Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 15, 2002


elitehw.com: Wireless Logitech Mouse Mod

Quote, "eliteHW has completed an article on how to mod the new Logitech Optical Series."


lowendpc.com: Off the Net and Back On Again

Quote, "Stinker loses his connection to the Internet -- and gets it back again."


ocworkbench.com: ABIT MEDIAXP Review

Quote, "ABIT's MediaXP is the first generation multimedia extension panel which will create a new wave of products that has similar functionalities. What it does is that it brings all the connectors from the backplate to the front. The conventional IEEE1394 and USB2.0 are brought to the front panel. Other than that, there are storage drives for MS, SD and CF. For those who uses the ABIT AT7 or IT7 as a multimedia platform, this device is definitely welcomed by users who rely a lot of media transfer from Digital video cams using IEEE 1394 and digital cameras using MS, SD and CF. There is also a SP/DIF out for audio buffs to hook up to. Others include a MIC in and Line In. The package also comes with a Infra red remote control which you could use it to control your DVD playback."


hardwareluxx.com: VIA P4X333 SMP-Capable ???

Quote, "We discovered a jumper on the board, which tells you that you can set between 'Single CPU Mode" and "Dual CPU Mode'."


lostcircuits.com: How To Fry A TBred

Quote, "Despite all necessary precautions on both the user and the manufacturer's sides, we have been able to inadvertently fry the AMD XP2200 Thoroughbred processor. It is still not entirely clear what happened but we have a few pointers of what to avoid if you don't like the smell of fried horse flesh."


thinktechie.com: WinTasks 4 Professional Review

Quote, "Computers have operating systems to help users perform many different tasks. Unfortunately, no operating system is perfect, and that is why many people complain about their computers ‘crashing’. Microsoft operating systems are notorious for giving people the ‘blue screen of death’ in the most untimely manners. This happens mostly because of certain poorly designed programs that gobble up system resources without reason, and eventually crash the system. This just wastes valuable user time because of the need to restart the system. Sometimes, it can be costly for businesses as well. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to watch and manage system resources quickly and effectively? Now there is. Today I am going to review WInTasks 4 Professional, by LIUtilities."


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