Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 10, 2002


amdzone.com: Athlon XP 2200+ News Galore

Quote, "We have full coverage of the Athlon XP Thoroughbred launch.  Links to multiple reviews, as well as links to several official 2200+ information at AMD’s site including benchmarks, whitepapers, and FAQs."


amdzone.com: Athlon XP 2200+ Review

Quote: "We have posted our review of the Athlon XP 2200+.  We include 16 benchmarks, water cooling and overclocking, and motherboard compatibility testing."


amdmb.com: AMD Athlon XP 2200+ (Thoroughbred) Processor Review

Quote, "Giving insight as to why this CPU was released, Ryan explains the reasoning behind the Thoroughbred core and where AMD is heading with this new technology."


systemcooling.com: Enermax CS-5190AL-061 Case (Review)

Quote, "The automotive high gloss finish is second to none and photos or descriptive adjectives cannot begin to give this case its just due. This exquisite finish is the first thing that grabs your attention and prepares you for the extremely high quality to be found throughout the Enermax CS-5190AL-061."


hardware-testdk.com: Intel 845BG

Quote, "We have gotten our hands on an intel produced motherboard based on the i845g chipset, boxed version, along with a pentium 4 northwood 2.53ghz. the i845g has onboard audio, agp and lan which will hopefully take up the fight against chipsets like e.g. sis650. in this test we will focus on intel's motherboard, d845bgv, which is the first of its kind to support 533mhz fsb technology."


vr-zone.com: Computex Taipei 2002 Full Report

Quote, "VR-Zone has published a full report on the Computex Taipei 2002 with many interesting products and happenings. We have posted all the ClawHammer boards pics based on AMD 8151/8111, VIA K8HT, ALi M1687/M1563 and SiS 755. Other interesting boards showcased are VIA KT400, SiS648 and NVIDIA Crush 18D from motherboard manufacturers like SOYO, EPoX, ABIT, DFI, Shuttle, Gigabyte, ASUS, FIC, ECS and more."


ipkonfig.com: Infinipro - Aqua Cooling kit (Review)

Quote, "The most impressive element is the heatsink/Waterblock; there is simply nothing like it on the market (from what I have observed). When looking closely at this block, it does resemble the ThermoEngine design a lot of us are familiar with. But it's clear that it is not a ThermoEngine at all...."


monster-hardware.com: AddA 80mm Case Fan Review

Quote, "The blades are carefully molded and form an airfoil shape, the tips are rounded to reduce turbulence noise or whistle and the blade surfaces are pebbled…my father, an aeronautics engineer, says that this breaks up the boundary layer and reduces friction in the air passing across the blades increasing their efficiency and actually reducing noise! Also the angle of attack of the blades is not as deep as the Delta, producing less head-pressure and therefore less noise."



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