Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 8, 2002


elitehw.com: Belkin Nostromo N50

Quote, "With a wide range of features with over 57 programmable buttons, LED indicators, and a removable palm rest it gives conventional controllers a run for their money."


amdmb.com: Epox 8K3A+ KT333 Motherboard Review

Quote: "The KT333 North Bridge is covered by a heatsink not a heatsink and fan combination that we have seen on many other motherboards. I did not notice any kind of detriment in overclocking power though, as we used this board in our PC3000 memory article, reaching FSB speeds of up to 200 MHz with an unlocked processor. This was definitely one of the best boards we have had for overclocking. "


blargoc.com: Jeantech JN424 ATX Midi Tower Review

Quote, "Aluminium case's are everyone's choice at the minute and the subject of many reviews. These case's look nice and do help keep your system cool. But what about a stylish steel case? They are few and far between but today I'm taking a look at a 'steel avenger' from Jeantech with good functionality and the looks to boot."


blargoc.com: Belkin UrbanTrek Freeport Laptop Backpack Review

Quote, "You buy a nice expensive laptop, you take it on the train with you in a normal laptop case, the friendly mugger sat three seats away spots this and grabs it when you getting off the train. Not very nice is it. How can you help to disguise the fact that your travelling with a laptop? With the Freeport laptop backpack from Belkin! Put quite simply it is a normal backpack on padding steroids :-). It's full of pockets, zippers, sections, in fact the only thing missing is the tab to release the parachute."


amdzone.com: Leadtek Winfast A250 Ultra TD Review

Quote, "nVidia has built itself a reputation as having the fastest gaming cards on the planet. Leadtek has built itself a reputation of building high quality cards with wicked heatsinks on them. Put those two companies together and something good is bound to happen."


littlewhitedog.com: Belkin Wireless Networking Solutions

Quote, "The F5D6130 Wireless Access Point, F5D6050 Wireless USB Adapter, and the F5D6020 Wireless PCMCIA Adapter have all been covered in great detail. If you've been in the market for some 802.11b wireless networking gear, put this one on your list of reviews to read today!"


ocworkbench.com: Computex Coverage



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