Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 6, 2002


computernerd.com: Find Out How Much Heat Your CPU Really Generates

Quote, "ComputerNerd has a new online thermal calculator for estimating how much power your Intel or AMD CPU dissipates, regardless of how you are using (or abusing) it. Because Intel does not publish maximum power dissipation ratings for its processors (unlike AMD), the NERD had to do some heavy data grubbing to come up with a scheme allowing direct comparison of AMD and Intel processors (see http://computernerd.com/inteltdp-2.html, Notes on Intel Thermal Ratings). The calculator handles all Pentium III, Pentium 4, Xeon 4, Athlon and Duron CPUs, and more processors and features are planned for future updates."


teksector.com: Thermalright AX-7 HSF Review


amdzone.com: GeForce4 Ti4200 From nVidia

Quote, "After my nVidia vs ATI Round 3 decision of placing the Radeon8500 over the GeForce3 Ti500, needless to say some people were concerned. How could I make such a call when nVidia obviously had faster hardware? The answer at the time was easy, there was no price point offered from nVidia that could compete with the Radeon8500. Now with the release of the GeForce4 Ti4200 nVidia is making waves at the $150 dollar price point again."


lowendpc.com: On the Net with OpenBSD

Quote, "The intrepid doctor in New Zealand not only has his PC up and running with OpenBSD, but he's now managed to connect Stinker to the Internet and use it for browsing."


silentpcreview.com: Seasonic's 300W ATX Power Supply

Quote, "This well-established company enters the North American market with a line of quality power supply units that boasts an intelligent fan controller they call S2FC. Our review of Seasonic's 300W ATX model. It's pretty quiet. :)


lostcircuits.com: MSI KT3-Ultra

Quote, "VIA's KT333 chipset has conquered the market in a Blitzkrieg, leaving very little room for competitors. Now the battle is on amongst the winners, that is, which mainboard manufacturer will get the biggest chunk of the pie. After looking at the ASUS and Shuttle boards, we are tearing apart the latest "Deluxe" edition from MSI. How much of the KT3 is just candy wrapper, where are the hidden corners that have been cut, where are the bugs and last not least, is it worth any serious consideration? Are these questions leading the witnesses?"


eliteHW.com: Leadtek WinFast TV 2000 XP

Quote, "The day and age when the computer is only used for word processing is long over. Now the computer is expected to be able to accomplish many tasks. One of those tasks is the viewing of television. To fill that task, Leadtek has created the new TV2000XP TV/FM tuner card. For many home theater buffs with gigantic HD TVs this card may not seem too great. However, for the apartment dwellers and college kiddies this $65 wonder may be just right! This card packs a lot of punch!


systemcooling.com: Lian-Li PC-65 Aluminum Case (Review)


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