Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 5, 2002


liquidninjas.com: Coolink H2T & U1P2 HSF Review

Quote, "While the H2T is designed to offer great performance and  remain exceptionally quiet doing so, the U1P2 is aimed squarely at blistering performance without much concern for noise."


blargoc.com: Cooler Master ATS-201 Review 


blargoc.com: WinTasks Pro Review

Quote, "What is WinTasks? Well, I have seen many website call it 'Windows Task Manager on steriods', well, I can see where they are coming from. Win Tasks is similar to Microsoft Windows Task Manager (found by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del in Win2k/XP) in many ways but with more features. So lets look at WinTasks 4 Pro in more detail."


monster-hardware.com: Sound Dampening Revisited


viahardware.com: IWill P4R-533N Review

Quote, "Today we'll be looking at the i850e, which offers support for the new 533 MHz FSB. The i850e officially only supports PC800 RDRAM, but there's no reason why the board can't be run at the higher memory clock."


eliteguild.com: VisionTek Xtasy GeForce 4 Ti 4600


hardwarepub.com: MegaMite Northbridge Cooler


hardwarepub.com: Danger Den Maze Showdown

Quote, "All of their blocks are now peltier compatible and can be purchased with a matching cold plate."


zzz.com.ru: ZZZ Issue 131

Quote, "This week we have possibly the coolest remote controlled vehicle ever, a super-pogo stick which puts shame to the generic day-glo orange 14.99 Kmart pogo you bought in 1992, a neat panoramic camera, more mars stuff, and runaway missles sliding around on aircraft carriers. Don't ask :-)"


amdmb.com: The Black Edge, Flow Rates & Radiator Comparison Article



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