Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 4, 2002


hardware-test.dk: ABIT AT7 Review

Quote, "We reviewed the new AT7 mainboard from ABIT. The AT7 is a member of the MAX series, wich seems to be a serie filled with lots of cool features..."


bit-tech.net: The future is bright, the future is beige............NOT!

Quote, "In the race for total domination of the computer world, two things spring to mind, Microsoft and beige plastic. Time for some alchemy, water into wine, lead into gold, beige plastic into metal, well, almost. Whilst it is possible to metal plate plastic at home, it is not very practical and is expensive. So, as a cheap but very effective alternative a self adhesive metal film can be used to cover the offending plastic."


teccentral.de: Asus P4S533 vs. Asus P4B533-E Review

Translated from German to English at babelfish.


ocworkbench.com: Coverage of COmputex from OCWORKBENCH --- with lots of pictures to show :)

Quote, "Update : ABIT, ASUS, SiS 648, SiS746 chipset, SiS 755 hammer chipset and other SOLID exclusive photos/information....thanks"


bit-tech.net: Logitech Wingman Cordless Review


blargoc.com: Zalman CNPS Cooling Kit Review


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