Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: June 3, 2002


hardwareluxx.com: Shuttle SS50 Review


lowendpc.com: Little Computers, Big Possibilities

Quote, "The once disparaged "bitty box" has a new lease on life at home, in the office, and at LAN parties."


hardware-test.dk: Waitec Storm 32x CD-RW

Quote, "At hardware-testdk we took a look at the 32x CD-RW from Waitec. The speed is impressing, especially with audio-extraction above 25x. 'Why wait when you can burn at 32x ?'"


hardwareluxx.com: Who has more FSB ?

Quote, "So if Intel just started FSB533, we are starting of with FSB740 now. Or can you give us more FSB?" In German.


systemcooling.com: Cooler Master ATC-710-GX2 Case (Review)

Quote, "Cooler Master decided to do a few things different this time around with their latest case; like using a Chenming steal frame for starters. Then with Cooler Master's touch, adding that aluminum front bezel."


phlux.co.uk: Thermalright AX-7 Reviewed

Quote, "There are no instructions included with the AX-7, but everything is very straightforward."


eliteguild.com: New Hardware Site


amdmb.com: Shuttle AK35GT2R KT333 Motherboard Review

Quote, "Shuttle has a big advantage on the DIY market because of their prices. As of this writing, the AK35GT2 board can be found online for around $75! If you want the RAID version, the AK35GT2R, that can be bought for under $100. At those prices, the other manufacturers such as MSI will have to depend on the extra features like USB 2.0 to bring in their customers."



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