Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 26, 2002


bit-tech.net: Lighted Fan Strobe!!

Quote, "Lighted fans are currently all the rage and like all cool mods, pretty soon they will be common place. As modders we all like to retain an element of uniqueness and with that in mind I present this, not so much a specific mod, but rather a basis for experimentation type mod. This mod is really an optical illusion."


phlux.co.uk: Thermalright SLK-600 Review

Quote, "I counted 32 copper fins that stretch right the way across the heatsink, with only a 'tunnel' in the middle for the clip to pass down. The fins are soldered onto the all-copper base, which I had some worries about, since this method can product higher temperatures, however, you'll have to wait til later in this review to find out."


hardware-testdk.com:  Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 533MHz FSB 2,53 Ghz


blargoc.co.uk: Powercooler Roundup Part II

Quote, "In this review I take a look at the PCH610T (the stylish one), PCH247H (the silver one), PCH247M (the copper one) and the PCH155S (the chunky one). Powercooler were also kind enough to send me a hard drive cooler that's, as the packaging says 'simple yet functional'."


theinquirer.net: AMD to intro higher FSBs on MP systems/Intel SMP

Quote, "Athlon MP to support higher front side buses. Deeper price cuts on May 27th."


theinquirer.net: Intel Pentium III SMP four ways faster than Xeon versions

Quote, "PC makers waiting for Gallatin."


amdmb.com: Tyan Thunder K7X 760 MPX Motherboard Review

Quote, "This board is definitely aimed towards the server market with all the features (and price!) you'll need to setup a fast and stable multiprocessing platform.  But, with all the hype about the MPX chipset, does this new version make any difference as far performance goes when compared to other dual-Athlon setups?"


ocworkbench.com: EPoX 4BEAV Bluetooth motherboard

Quote, "This is an upcoming board that you will see demonstrating the bluetooth communication on board. Stay tuned for more information."


hardwarepub.com: Leadtek WinFast A250 Ultra TD GeForce 4 Ti-4600 Bluetooth

Quote, 'Leadtek has long been a manufacturer of quality video cards. While it has recently expanded into TV tuners and motherboards, video cards have remained Leadtek's focus. Leadtek has long favored the overclocker, with very large active heatsinks on their GeForce 2 models and up. It's no surprise, then, that the A250 Ultra TD should stand out as much as it does to those of the overclocking community."


vr-zone.com: ABIT KX7-333R Overclocking Review

Quote, "VR-Zone has done up a review on the new ABIT KX7-333R board based on the VIA KT333 chipset. Unlike AT7, KX7-333R comes with the PS/2 legacy ports, 4 DIMM, 6 PCI slots, ATA-133 RAID and Debug LEDs. Since ABIT boards are meant for performance seekers and overclockers therefore i have checked out its overclockability in details touching on the components and the BIOS options that will aid overclocking. I have managed to push the FSB to 200Mhz at most aggressive timings and 225Mhz at SPD timings! Therefore ABIT KX7-333R has reclaimed its overclocking title from EPoX 8K3A+."


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