Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 24, 2002


lowendpc.com: Good-bye Slackware Linux, Hello OpenBSD

Quote, "After fighting Slackware Linux for three weeks, the author downloads and installs OpenBSD -- and has his Pentium 133 up and running in no time."


phlux.co.uk: Fan Shroud Construction Guide

Quote, "phlux.co.uk has a new article up detailing how to build your own fan shroud for your watercooling system. This article has already been posted at DWPG.com, but Keith Thompson (the author) has given us full permission to post it on phlux."


teccentral.de: Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Review (Socket A)

Quote, "We have reviewed the new Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra. This Mainboard is based on the Via KT 333 chipset.
In our comparison it had to be able to be measured at the Epox 8K3A+ and Asus A7V333." Translated from German to English at babelfish.


systemcooling.com: Thermalright SLK-600 (Review/Article)

Quote, "SystemCooling.com has yet another great review posted. Their latest review covers the new, and very popular, Thermalright SLK-600 copper heatsink. As most of you remember, this is the new upgrade of the old SK6 heatsink."


hardwareluxx.com: Lian Li PC70 Case Mod, MSI 645E Max2-LRU, MSI 845E Max2-BRU Bluetooth

In German.


ocworkbench.com: Does i845E support DDR333 async mode? Yes just like 845G and better and The Battle of Color - Sony Ericsson T68i vs Samsung SGH-T100 (1)


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