Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 23, 2002


digital-explosion.co.uk: Noise Control Hard Drive Cage Review

Quote, "To cut down on the noise of your hard drives Noise control have come up with a way to hold your drive suspended so that no vibration is carried through your case. Check out what we thought of this little gizmo at Digital-Explosion."


ocworkbench.com: Mobo Makers Stepping Into The Wireless Communications Business


hardwarepub.com: PC Athlon XP Unlocking Kit

Quote, "With the release of the Athlon XP processors by AMD a new problem for overclockers had awaken. Unlike the 'older' Athlon Thunderbird processors where the L1 bridges could simply be connected with a few pencil strokes the XP processors have a "valley" in between each L1 bridge. Now as always there is a solution to this problem which makes it very simple and quite easy for enthusiasts to have the freedom of an unlocked multiplier. Unlike other methods which were mostly permanent the HighSpeed PC XP Unlocking Kit makes it simple with a well put together kit which is easily removable."


liquidninjas.com: Epox 8K3A Motherboard Review

This review covers the Epox 8K3A and compares it to the performance of the Abit KX7-333R previously reviewed by liquicninjas.com.


systemcooling.com: Sky Hawk Aluminum Mini-Server Case (Review)

Quote, "I've reviewed a number of Sky Hawk Aluminum Cases over the past few years and they have continually improved the quality, workmanship, styling, and cooling of their products. The MSR6611EP SL (F) is no exception!! I requested this particular model with the Sky Hawk SH-300A8H ATX 300w power supply because it's the exact same configuration that was submitted to Intel for testing and we were looking for an approved case and power supply for our own P4 test rig."


penstarsys.com: VisionTek GeForce 4 Ti 4600 Review

Quote, "The GeForce 4 Ti from NVIDIA is actually quite a unique product when looked from many different angles. Last year NVIDIA released its GeForce 3, which featured programmable Pixel and Vertex Shaders, and then in the fall it released the updated version of the GeForce 3 which ran at higher clock speeds. This goes hand in hand with NVIDIA’s 6 to 8 month product release cycle, which typically releases a brand new product in the Spring, and then a Fall refresh of that product. NVIDIA did release a new product in late Winter in the form of the GeForce 4 series (MX and Ti), but due to internal NVIDIA timing for its next-gen product, the GeForce 4 will have a very interesting and limited existence."


teccentral.de: Configuration Guide for the Asus A7V333

Translated from German to English at babelfish.


blargoc .com: Altec Lansing ADA890 Surround Kit Review

Quote, "For just over a year now I've been happily singing along to my MP3's on my PC with a set of Creative DTT2200 speakers and to be honest I've never really thought about changing them. But when I had the chance to take a look at a high-end offering from Altec Lansing I jumped at it. Altec Lansing have been among the best speaker manufacturers for as long as I remember so I was expecting something great.. And I wasn't disappointed!"



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