Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 20, 2002


ocworkbench.com: Demo of K8 To Be Expected at Computex Taipei

Quote, "According to a Chinese report on Economic Times, AMD together with ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte will be quietly showing their K8 mainboards based on SiS 755 and VIA k8HTB cipset.


lostcircuits.com: Shuttle SS50 Mini Barebones

Quote, "After the successful launch of the SV24 "Toaster" mini BareBones system, Shuttle is vamping up the gallery of retro-looking dwarf systems. The first high-end solution based on the SIS 650 chipset is the SS50, suitable to host any of the current P4 478 pin processors, soon to be followed by the SS40 that will provide the counterpart for the AMD platform. Combining an extremely small footprint with a powerful CPU and an extremely rich set of features such as 5.1 Dolby surround sound, integrated network and firewire puts the SS50 on par with much bigger and expensive systems. Very good overclocking capabilities in spite of the lack of voltage adjustments add some additional attraction to the miniature cube. In terms of performance, the only weakness is the limited capability of the integrated real256 graphics chip. Some other minor flaws like a relatively noisy power supply fan and search lights instead of status LEDs could use some detail massages."


hardwareluxx.com: i845G Review : Epox 4G4A+

Quote, "We reviewed the brand new i845G mainboard from Epox, the 4G4A+, which has onboard Raid, LAN, Sound and of course the onboard graphics. So if your are looking for a really good i845G-board, you might consider this one because it also has great overclocking features." In German.


systemcooling.com: P4 Cooler Overview Article

Quote, "With the recent release of faster hotter running Intel P-4's, an after-market explosion has taken place with manufacturer after manufacturer, releasing new high performance coolers to meet the need of this ever growing market. "


lanaddict.com: Xoxide C-6 Black Hawk Pre-Modified Case Review

Quote, “When I ripped open the box of the C-6 Black Hawk, I was immediately impressed by its shiny black finish and smooth curves. Most will agree that it sure is pretty. But does the inside match the outside? You bet it does. This is a performance modified case that lives up to its namesake.  Let’s start with the outside. The overall appearance of the case is sleek, with no rough corners or edges. The finish is a nice gloss black color. The metal side panels and top resists scratches and fingerprints better then most cases I’ve seen. The front bezel plate is made of black plastic. There is a strip of chrome around the centralized drive bays and control switch panel.”


blargoc.com: Broadxent DSL PCI 7430 Review

Quote, "This review focus's on their PCI 7430, an internal DSL modem that is simple and cheap yet very effective. "


phlux.co.uk: Dynatron High Performance Copper Heatsinks Review

Quote, "The DC1206BM-O heatsink/fan is entirely copper, and has some pretty impressive features! The 120 fins (60 on each side) give a massive total surface area of 0.135 square metres (1346 square cm). The fins are not extruded like in most aluminium heatsinks, or soldered as most are in copper heatsinks. They are skived from the base. This is a process which essentially shaves off a layer of copper and bends it up into a fin. It gives much enhanced heat transfer from base to fin due to it not having to pass through another material, and there being no air gaps whatsoever."


ocworkbench.com: i845E + i845G 5 Reviews

EPoX 4G4A+ i845G, DFI NB73EA i845E, ASUS P4B533-E i845E, Gigabyte 8IEXP i845E, MSI 845E Max2BRU Intel 845E


planet3dnow.de: ECS K7S6A Review (SiS 745)

In German.



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