Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 18, 2002


liquidninjas.com: Abit KX7-333R Motherboard Review

Quote, "In typical fashion, Abit has arrived on the KT333 scene in a fashionably late way. By now, many of the other manufacturers have had their KT333 offerings in the market for at least a few weeks. But this is not unusual for Abit which has been releasing their products a little later than the rest of the pack in recent times. This is not necessarily a bad thing as many Abit fans will say that the end product is definitely worth the wait. We will see if this continues to prove true with their new KX7-333R."


thinktechie.com: Backup MyPC Review

Quote, "Sadly most of us are too lazy, or just don’t know how to backup our systems properly. Fortunately we are now in the age of flying cars… and automatic backup systems? That’s right, well the second part is… Today I am reviewing BackUp MyPC, by Stomp inc."


ocworkbench.com: Exclusive Photos of Gigabyte 8IEXP i845E Board


ocworkbench.com: OCW Excl - MSI 845E Max2-BLR Mainboard + Bluetooth review


teccentral.com: Tiger SDC38130BC Review

Quote, "The tiger SDC38130BC reaches us from the home IMS Tiger-Electronics. When looking at, it seems to one somehow known however. Right, the cool-body. The Miprocool II is based on the cool-body of the SDC38130BC. This exists here in the 'normal-form' however, therefore with a 60er fan above on it and without a chassis " widened upward to." Translated from German to English at babelfish.


amdmb.com: NVIDIA Ti4200 and MSI Ti4400 Review

Quote, "NVIDIA’s Ti4200 card was a surprise on many levels. It consistently came in over the Radeon 8500 card, even though it has a 64 MB memory deficit. It was beat out by the Ti4400 card, but that was to be expected as it was the lower level in the line of GF4 Ti cards. But, just like the Ti4400 above, the Ti4200 card has a price advantage coming in at about $100 less than even the Ti4400 cards! That means you can expect to find the Ti4200 cards when they are out on the retail for under the $200 price tag. That is a tremendous amount of performance for the price. "


penstarsys.com: Gigabyte Maya AR64S-H Radeon 7500 Review

Quote, "The AR64S-H uses the Radeon 7500 chip.  It has 64 MB SDR, supports Transform and Lighting through the Charisma Engine, supports up to 1.74 gigatexels/second in 32-bit mode, can display resolutions through 2048x1536, and includes full support of DirectX and OpenGL.  Its Video Immersion technology allows for adaptive de-interlacing for the best quality motion video and text, and includes full-screen DVD and MPEG-2 video."


hardware-test.dk: Review of Alu case SF-201 from Super Flower Computer Inc.

Quote, "All of the 6 fans are mounted with a 4-pin Molex ”pass through” connectors, so you don’t risk running out of plugs. Furthermore they’re also equipped with gold-coloured finger guards to prevent ”Delta-injuries”. Personally I don’t really like the combination of gold-coloured finger guards and the silver-like finish of the aluminium, but that’s of course just a matter of personal taste. All edges are of course rounded so you don’t risk cuts, and finger screws all over so you don’t need to dig up a screwdriver."



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