Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 17, 2002


reviewmakers.com: Review of Elsa Gladiac 925 VIVO GF4 Ti4600

Quote, "There are a few expectations before we overclock this card. We would at least expect the card to be able to to reach 714Mhz for its memory. Using Powerstrip 3.15, we managed to bring this card all the way to 317(core)/738Mhz (mem) which is pretty impressive. We let it run 3dmark2001SE for half a day and did not see any freezing or artifacts on the screen. However, raising the core speed any higher would result in occasional freezes."


overclockersonline.com: Soyo P4I Fire Dragon Motherboard Review

Quote, "Today I am taking a closer look at the Soyo P4I Fire Dragon, a Pentium 4 motherboard based upon Intel's 845D chipset. Frequent Overclockers Online visitors should have noticed that this is the first time a Soyo motherboard is being reviewed in our lab, so I was very eager to find out how this company and its products would compare to the other Pentium 4 solutions out there. Although Soyo products are new to me, I must say that I am very impressed by the fact that this company is donating $5 of each P4I board that is sold to the WTC Disaster Fund."


amdzone.com: New Asus P5A Bios, Copper Chipset Cooler Review

Quote, "You have to give it to Asus, they do a damn good job of bios updates. They even have a new one dated the 8th of this month for their ALi based Super 7 board the P5A. Here's the juice. supports the Win2000/XP/Me ACPI Powermanagement functions correctly We also have a review of the Vantec CCB-A1C Copper Iceberq.  This is a chipset cooler.


ipkonfig.com: Stomp Inc. Backup-My-PC (S/W - Review)

Quote, "Today ipKonfig.com reviews the very popular backup software called, Backup My PC by Stomp Inc. Their review is very quick and to the point. But in the review they point out the software's built in Disaster Recovery, was less than satisfactory! The do, on the other hand, give Stomp Inc. great props for the flexibility of backing up your data."


pchardware.ro: Dual Athlon MP 2000+ on MSI K7D Master + 2U Rack Case Integration

Quote, "...it discusses the AMD dual CPU performance, reliability, compatibility and it studies the possibility to integrate AMD 760MPX into a 2U enclosure. For this article we used a MSI K7D motherboard with two AMD MP 2000+ and a CI Design RS2100 2U case."


digital-xxplosion.co.uk: Fibre Optic Mice

Quote, "Look down at that boring gray thing next to your keyboard. Yes, I mean your mouse. It's boring isn't it. All it does is sit there and occasionally get moved round. Now, how about we improve on that. We could tell you how to, paint it black, give it a bl00 (blue) LED. Nah, we aren't that boring. How about. Fibre-Optics. Yep, Fibre-Optics, check out our crazy little mod to see how to make your mouse completely personalised to you."


amdzone.com: Corsair PC3000

Quote, "Wow! Obtaining 376 MHz at CAS 2 and 402 MHz CAS 2.5 at only 2.5V is very impressive for this large of a memory stick. Considering it only required 2.5V for 402 MHz, I'm sure this stick can obtain more...much more, unfortunately I may have to wait for the KT400s to come out to find out how fast this memory stick can go."


amdzone.com: Antec Smart Fans

Quote, "What would I would like to have seen is a fan that basically goes from a couple hundred RPM to the top speed over the course of 25 to 50C. Ideally the fan would have two temperature sensors. One for the interior of the case and another for the exterior. The speed of the fan would be based off the temperature difference, but cost and space requirements would make that a difficult design."


ocworkbench.com: Exclusive Review : Shuttle SS40 Barebone System

Quote, "Shuttle SS40 is quite a breakthrough from the conventional desktop or slim casing. Although the performance needs some tuning up as it has almost everything you could have thought of integrated on board. That box is really feature rich with all the necessary connectors already there for immediate usage. In fact, the SS40 is better than the SS50 as it uses a pipe heatsink. The PSU is less nosier as compared to the SS50. It looks like Shuttle has learnt a lot from their earlier mistakes of a noisy PSU FAN."


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