Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 13, 2002


lostcircuits.com: Gainward Ultra/750XP

Quote, "In terms of cooling, Gainward relies on a standard solution to provide efficient cooling of the card's front, the air leaving the GPU cooler also cools the RAM-sinks. On the card's back, things don't look that rosy, the RAM sinks are smaller and in addition there is no active ventilation. In theory, this might contribute to a limitation in overclocking, however, one needs to keep in mind that the graphics RAM usually does not run hot enough to really require active cooling, rather, the function of RAM-sinks can be considered to buffer local hotspots on the chips and, thus, smaller cooling units are probably adequate for standard operating conditions. Also keep in mind that most systems enjoy air-cooling of the CPU which, by itself causes air circulation at the back of the card. Our test system is watercooled and, therefore, this additional source for air movement was missing."


ocworkbench.com: ECS Xabre 400 Graphics Card

SiS Xabre 400 chipset, AGP 8X, AGP v3.0 compliant, 256-bit 3D graphics engine, DX8.1 compliant, 128-bit, 64M DDR, up 500M Mclk, SiS301 TV-Out More information coming to ocworkbench.com soon.


ocworkbench.com: Benchmark Comparisons Forum
Quote, "These days, we are swamped with lots of boards by many manufacturers. Although we try our best to do the best comparison among the boards, we found out that a number of manufacturers are secretly overclocking their boards to around 134.6, 135Mhz. This can be check using WCPUID." Discuss it here.

ocworkbench.com: How Does SiS645DX Compare With Intel 850E


overclockersonline.com: AOpen AK77-333 KT333 Motherboard Review

Quote, "The AOpen AK77-333 is built around the VIA KT333 northbridge and the VIA VT8233A southbridge. This means that the board will take on any socket A processor currently available. Of course the board supports UDMA133 on both IDE channels and comes with 1 AGP slot, 5 PCI slots and 1 CNR (CommuNication Riser slot) to assure full expandability."


viahardware.com: Arprotek e-Cube/gBox P4 Small Form Factor System Reviewed

Quote, "In Shuttle's SS50 review, we said that we showed you the Shuttle SV24 last October. We then told you about the SS50, and the different uses for this system. Though the SV24/SS50 did some tasks very well, there was one arena which left you wanting more. This would be the realm of 3D games. With the fastest card available for these systems probably being the Voodoo5 5500 PCI, it's obvious that the SS24/SS50 would not be the greatest choice for a small LAN box. Today we are going to show you a product from Arprotek which is attempting to fill this gap. I attend many LAN's myself, usually local ones but other times larger ones. I know what it is like to cart around your computer to a LAN, and it can be a drag sometimes. However, the e-Cube barebone system from Arprotek (a.k.a. the CF-S868) seems to be aimed at fixing this. The CF-S868 is a small system which is easy to transport and comes with an AGP slot, allowing for excellent 3D gaming."


hardware-test.dk: Review of MSI's K7D Master-L 760 MPX - DUAL Athlon Motherboard

Quote, "As one of the first Scandinavian website we’ve taken a look at MSI’s K7D Master-L 760 MPX, based on AMD’s brand new 760 MPX chipset, for dual AMD processors.At the same time we took a closer look at the Athlon MP 2000+ CPU – to be exact, two of them."


reviewmakers.com: Review of Gigabyte Radeon 8500

Quote, "A first glance at the card really tells you it was made to stand out from the crowd and be unique. It has bright red PCB and is unique from most other cards out there. You will notice the entire card on top is filled with components and the large heatsink that covers not only the GPU but the memory as well. For the back of the card there is a cooling plate as well that covers the ram and also is designed to have a little block fit perfectly in the back of the GPU to cool that area which often times gets very hot on other cards that have not implemented this type of cooling."


digital-explosion.co.uk:  Digital-Explosion Gets A Seti Guide

Quote, "It's not just for geeks. Seti@Home is also a very very good way to benchmark your computer, test it stability, and to rub your mates nose in it when you cruise past him in the charts. Check out our Seti Guide to see what it's all about (in case you don't already know), do something for humanity as a whole... And show your mate that his P4 is no match for your AMD (or vice versa)"


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