Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 12, 2002


amdzone.com: FIC AN17 Stealth Advanced

Quote, "We have posted the first review of the FIC AN17 Stealth Advanced.  It is a VIA KT333 based motherboard with RAID."


amdzone.com: Crucial DDR333 Review


hardwareluxx.com: ASUS P4S533 Tested

Quote, "We tested the board with every configuration - with 400 Mhz, with 533 Mhz, with DDR266, DDR333 and DDR400. We also tried some overclocking - the ASUS P4S533 was able to run at 160 Mhz and we were able to clock our Pentium 4 Northwood 1.6 Ghz all the way up to 2.5 Ghz. The mainboard was so stable that it was also possible to run memory frequencies up to 230 Mhz !" In German.


amdzone.com: Witty Grey Midtower Case Reviewed


hardwarepub.com: Review of GlobalWin TAK68 and CAK-II 16

Quote, "With so many companies manufacturing heatsinks the competition has become fierce and each company wants to make their product different than any other out there. GlobalWIN is one of these companies and they sure like to be different. With the release of the TAK68 they were sure looking for some attention and they have certainly received mine. The TAK68 and the CAK-II 16 are two of the latest products released by GlobalWIN and are surely making a statement."


ocworkbench.com: Photos Of Triple Head Output Of Matrox Philira -512


blargoc.com: 12" Green Cold Cathode Review

Quote, "The cathode came well packaged in a plastic tube which was further rapped up in lots of bubble wrap. The inverter and sticky pads were also included in a small plastic bag. All this was then placed in a nice big box full of polystyrene peanuts. No chance of these cathode breaking in transit I can tell you."


blargoc.com: Dangerden Maze 2 Water Block Review

Quote, "Water and electronics are a bad idea, or so my dad keeps telling me. But when I got the chance to water cool my main rig I chucked conventional theory out the window and leapt at the chance. Thorburn was kind enough to send me this Maze 2-0 and Cooler Core radiator for a very reasonable price, to say the least, so that's what got me started. I picked up an Overclockers Hideout reservoir and some tubing from Homebase and a few other bits, and away I went."


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