Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 11, 2002


ocworkbench.com: MSI 845Max2e With Bluetooth Technology


digital-explosion.co.uk: Have a heart folks. Click the link..

Quote, "Folks, a good friend of mine bought this page to my attention. So, as this is something that any right minded individual will click, repeatedly, I thought I'd do a bit of a news release just to let you all know. Digital-Explosion aren't getting anything out of this except for a nice warm feeling knowing that you've all clicked the link and helped to help out."


hardware-test.dk: Review of Hercules Radeon 8500 LE

Quote, "In this test we are going to take a look at Hercules’ LE version of the Radeon 8500. The LE version has received a lot of critisicm for smashing up your computer. But non the less Hercules has taken it upon themselves to make one. The LE version is just like a normal Radeon 8500 card. The only difference is that it is clocked at a lower frequency then its bigger brother. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer…"


ocworkbench.com: Chaintech Roadmaps For Nvidia And SiS

Quote, "Also info on matrox graphics chipset."


viahardware.com: Beta VIA 4-1 driver 4.39

Quote, "We have posted a new Beta 4-1 driver version 4.39. This driver addresses some issues with the previous release and incorporates drivers and support for current and future chipsets."


monster-hardware.com: RecordNowMax Review

Quote, "When Steve from Stomp, Inc. first contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing some of their Burning Software, two questions immediately came to mind: Was this the same company that made the neat little CD-R labeling gadget--The CD Stomper--and if it was, could they then really compete with the Big Boys like Roxio and Nero, in this industry? The answer, my friends, to both of these questions is yes. That's why today we take a look at Stomp, Inc.'s Record Now Max Version 4."


blargoc.co.uk: Zalman CNPS Cu5005+ Review

Quote, "Read on to find out what the cooler comes packaged with and how it performed in testing..."


lowendpc.com: More Linux Baby Steps

Quote, "Our Linux newbie gets Slackware installed on his vintage Pentium -- then manages to break it while trying to set up his modem.


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