Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 9, 2002


overclockers.com.au: X-Micro GF4 Ti4600

Quote, "One thing that's not included is a DVI-SVGA adapter. I can't understand why any Ti4600 vendor would leave this out. If one were included, you could plug two monitors into the card and enjoy the dual-monitor features I explored on the last page of the Asus review. Support for it is already in the chipset and the drivers."


viahardware.com: 5 Things We'd say to Intel and AMD

Quote, "We've posted an article of the five things we would say to AMD and Intel, both cheers and jeers. Read it-then either flame it or agree with it."


vr-zone.com: ATi AIW RADEON 8500 128MB Review

Quote, "Users are able to watch TV programs, DVDs, VCDs, save and edit them and play latest games as well. Also we checked out the overclockability of the card too and managed to overclock the card quite a bit to 295/320Mhz."


hardware-testdk.com: World Exclusive - First UK Review of the Prometeia CPU Cooling System

Quote, "Prometeia is a newly developed and very strong alternative to the well-known (also Danish) ”Vapochill” system. The system is a so-called ”barebone”, meaning the end user has to install a motherboard, graphics card, and so on him/herself - using standard hardware components. Afterwards an ”evaporation”-type cooling device is mounted on the CPU, cooling it down to around -40°C, and thereby enabling for instance an Intel P4 2.2 GHz Northwood to run at 3144 MHz, while still having a very silent system."


amdzone.com: HyperTransport News

Quote, "I’ve just completed a conference call with the HyperTransport consortium.  They recently announced new network extensions as well as some details on HyperTransport 2.  They also say more chipset makers will announce HyperTransport support for AMD CPUs.  I have full details about these developments on my front page."


tecchannel.de: Bug or feature? 850E only with PC1066 at FSB533

Quote, "That is the question. While Intels 850E with PC1066 rambus memory seems very fast, this is only true if you use the latest Pentium 4s with it that run at FSB clock speeds of 533 MHz (quad pumped). When you put a FSB400 CPU into these boards, the memory only runs at 400 MHz. Intels data sheets does not explain that, but they confirmed our tests with the scope."


pchardware.ro: Abit AT7 Review

Quote, "Although the performance and reliability are outstanding and overclocking features are the same like on other Abit mobos something is missing. Read the review to find out about PC Hardware’s opinion about the board performance, reliability and compatibility."


planet 3dnow.com: Shutttle AK35GT2 Review

Quote, "The VIA KT333 chipset is coming in strong. Most manufacturers have a KT266A board in their lineup and we take a look at Shuttle's solution based on the newest chipset." In German.


ocworkbench.com: Handspring Treo 180 Review

Quote, "With Treo 180, I no longer need the usual infra-red + built in modem handphone as they are already incorporated into the "handset" Treo180. Treo 180 basically integrates the familiar organiser powered by Palm OS and a Dual band GSM 900/1800 (sold in Asia Pacific) or GSM 900/1900 (Sold in America) mobile phone built in. With this device, everything can be done with the stylus by clicking on the options on the screen. The device also comes with a built in Blazer™ browser which you could connect to the World Wide Web wirelessly. For those who loves to SMS, the Handspring has they all ready for you."


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