Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 8, 2002


littlewhitedog.com: Professionally Modified Case by Northward Graphics

Quote, "If you decide to purchase a case from Northward Graphics, it will take at least three weeks for it to arrive at your doorstep. The main reason for this is due to extensive painting process that takes place. The case you choose (they currently have 4 different models available for modification: Apex Mid, Apex Full, PC-60 Lian Li, and the Chenming) will be painted in the same manner an automobile is painted. It will be sanded, primed, base coated (with a 2 coat minimum), clear coated (also with a 2 coat minimum, more if images / graphics are used), wet-sanded, and buffed."


plante3dnow.de: Unlock Guide - Die Leitgummi-Methode

A new method to unlock the Athlon XP. In German.


penstarsys.com: D-Link DI-704P Review

Quote, "I have just finished my review on the D-Link DI-704P, which is not just a home gateway and switch, but also a standalone print server.  For those with home networks with shared printers files, this should be a top priority, as network security with broadband is becoming a significant problem for home users.  There are also other advantages of having a standalone print server, and these are mentioned in the article."


overclockersonline.com: Thermaltake Hardcano 2 & 5 Review

Quote, "Overclockers Online have posted a review of the Thermaltake Hardcano 2 & 5: two temperature measuring units that also come with a hard drive cooling feature ... "


ocworkbench.com: MSI BluetoothReview & PCchipsSiS 745 M846FLR 1394

Quote, "Ever heard of Bluetooth, the thingy that Ericsson comes out with ? Now, it is now being implemented onto MSI mainboard too. In our 3 page article, we take a look at the performance of this new gadget and highlighted some comments about this product."


ocworkbench.com: Intel 850E vs SiS645DX

Quote, "Which do you think is a better chipset? Check it out at our review of i850E + P4 2.4G 533mhz."


lowendpc.com: Linux Baby Steps

Quote, "A Linux newbie shares his story as he tries to learn Linux and gets BasicLinux up and running."


hardwareavenue.com: Sapphire Radeon 8500LE

Quote, ""The Sapphire 8500le featured in this review is considerably faster than those competing in the Radeon 8500le market. Where we usually see an average clock speed of 250/500 MHz for core and RAM respectively, we now see 275/580 MHz clock speeds."


lostcircuits.com: Pentium4 2.4 / 2.53 GHz

Quote, "After the successful launch of the Northwood in its various speed grades, Intel finally moves on from the 100 MHz FSB to a quad-pumped 133 MHz FSB utilizing a 533 MHz data rate interface capable of delivering 4.256 GB bandwidth between the CPU and the chipset / memory. The simultaneous launch of PC1066 RDRAM, even though available only in small quantities opens new performance dimensions for Intel's top of the line desktop processor, now available in 2.53GHz clock speed. We have taken the latest P4 processors and compared them against each other on the different platforms and at different memory speeds to find out where the real bottlenecks are in today's high end performance sector."


zzz.com.ru: ZZZ Issue 127

Quote, "Ever thought of inventing an inflatable building, a secure hair storage facility, or 'Inverted fusion technology balls'? If so, you won't be learning anything new from ZZZ's 127th issue, but if you haven't heard of any of these things, please read away!"


viahardware.com: Zero-Footprint PC Review

Quote, "Take a look at your keyboard. Now imagine a GHz Pentium III sitting inside of it, along with all the other standard PC components. We have posted a review on the Cybernet Zero-Footprint PC."


thinktechie.com: LED Replacement How-to Guide

Quote, "Lets face it the replacement LED mod has been done by just about everyone, but still every respectable techie site needs it. So thus we had some fun and created our LED replacement guide."


vr-zone.com: Triplex Silver Xabre Pro Preview

Quote, "This Xabre Pro card from Triplex is another successful Millennium Silver line of graphics accelerators to be released in the next few weeks and should be priced competitively against NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440. The pre-production sample we received has core/mem speed of 250/250Mhz. Xabre Pro does support AGP8X although there aren't any boards currently out in the market to support that yet. We have done some 3DMark2001SE benchmarks on the Xabre Pro against the GF3 Ti200, GF4 MX440 and GF4MX460. The scores are simply impressive."


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