Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 6, 2002


vr-zone.com: Intel 533Mhz P4 2.4B & 2.53Ghz Review

Quote, "Intel has launched two new Pentium 4 processor based on the faster 533Mhz bus which are the 2.4BGhz and 2.53Ghz. VR-Zone has taken both the processors for a spin and we have checked out their performance with the new Intel 850E board against the 400Mhz P4 2.4Ghz and the Athlon XP 2000+. Of course, we have checked out their overclockability and both processors can be overclocked to over 3Ghz of clock speed on air cooling."


planet 3dnow.com: IOSS RD3XP Gladiator Review

Quote, "As you all know rounded IDE-cables are becoming more and more popular. Besides increasing the airflow they also can clean up the mess of cables hanging around inside of the case. We took a peek at IOSS' RD3XP Gladiator, which can be considered a super shielded round cable." In German.


overclockers.com.au: Thoroughbred + Vapochill!

Quote, "Today OCAU has something special - we've gotten our hands on 3 AthlonXP CPU's based on AMD's new "Thoroughbred" core. This is the .13 micron process, of course, with lower voltage. This article compares them to the older Palomino core in both speed and temperature.. and we throw one into a Vapochill supercooling case and see just how fast it can go."


ocworkbench.com: Intel 850E vs SiS645DX

Quote, "Which do you think is a better chipset? Check it out at our review of i850E + P4 2.4G 533mhz."


hartware.net: Pentium 4 2533MHz with 533MHz FSB

Quote, "We at Hartware.net tested the new Pentium 4 2533MHz (and the P4 2400) with the new 533MHz Front Side Bus. These CPUs were compared with a bunch of older Pentium 4 models (with FSB400) and a few AMD Athlon XP CPUs up to the 2100+ model. Of course we tested on the new i850E platform with Rambus PC1066, too." In German.


lanaddict.com: AMD Tech Tour - Vendor Summary

Quote, "teKniq has just barely finished his first impressions, thoughts, and opinions on the AMD Tech Tour 2002 in Hartford, CT."


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