Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 5, 2002


socketa.com: Tyan Thunder K7X First Look

Quote, "Tyan still has a firm grip upon the high end dual Athlon market.  In fact they are practically unopposed in this arena.  The Thunder K7X has the added features of AMD's newest dual chipsets, and it has the backing of Tyan who already has a proven dual AMD board in the server and workstation arena.  We will hold off our final conclusion until we have thoroughly test out the K7X, but our first reaction is that Tyan has another winner on its hands."


reviewmakers.com: Review of Nanotherm Ice II and Blue II Thermal Compound

Quote, "Reviewmakers.com is pleased to annouce that we have just posted up a review of the new Nanotherm Ice II and Blue II thermal compound. In this review, we did some heat treatment test as well as a comparison with Arctic Silvers."


amdmb.com: General Water Cooling Equipment and Performance Guide

Quote, "...this series will consider the science behind the various components that comprise a water cooling system. We’ll take the mystery out of what makes it work and differentiate between fact and fiction, reality and hype."


teccentral.de: vcore-mod. for the Epox EP-4BDA2+

Quote, "Now you can take the vcore up to 2,0 Volt !!!" Translated from German to English with babelfish.


lanaddict.com: Xoxide PC Tachometer

Quote, "Many gamers today make case mods to their system to be unique and creative. That purpose is defeated when all those people have the same mods. Now I can never say I never envied the few at first who hadthe time, resources, and of course money to create such works of art, and I'm sure you did too, if not still now. Well some people need to go beyond the standard mods out there and push the creative limits. One of these mods is the PC Tachometer from Xoxide.com."


vr-zone.com: 3DLabs P10 VPU Details

Quote, "VR-Zone has posted specs and presentation slides on the new 3DLabs P10 VPU. 3DLabs will still have their own branding for higher end professional workstations segment while Creative will use the P10 VPUs on their own branded cards for desktop segment especially for gaming. 3Dlabs expects to ship board-level products during the third quarter of 2002."


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