Posted By: Kathy Smith

Date: May 3, 2002


lowendpc.com: More Things to Do with an Old PC

Quote, "You have a lot more choices than just DOS and Windows 3.1/95."


ocworkbench.com: MSI Bluetooth PC2PC Exclusive Review and Performance Analysis


lanaddict.com: PNY Verto GeForce 4 Ti 4400 Review

Quote, "In the past I have seen that the PNY can hang with the best of the group and at times even outperforming the best names out there. Another cool thing about the PNY was that they bundled together a set of 3d glasses with it, definitely and extra bonus since I have always wanted a set to try out and all for under $250."


teccentral.de: Vcore-Mod for the Asus P4T-E

Quote, "Now you can take the vcore up to 2,1 Volt !!!" Translated from German to English with babelfish.


overclockersonline.com: EPoX 8K3A+ KT333 Motherboard Review

Quote, "Of course the KT333 chipset supports all socket A processors: AMD Duron, AMD Athlon, AMD Athlon XP and AMD Athlon MP CPU's. As I said in the introduction, the KT333 officially supports a front side bus of 166MHz, which is 33MHz more than the KT266A. The board offers you the possibility to run the CPU asynchronious to the memory: your CPU can use a FSB of 133MHz whereas the memory is running at 166MHz! Any setting between 133MHz and 166MHz offers this feature. If you decide to overclock your motherboard past 166MHz, note that the memory speed has to be identical to the CPU bus speed. If your processor can't handle that increase of speed, you might be obligated to unlock your multiplier and run the processor at a lower multiplier setting. The 8KA3 offers several other sweet (overclocking) options, but I'll reveal those later on."


vr-zone.com: New SiS Xabre GPUs Info

Quote, "VR-Zone has posted some updated info on the new SiS Xabre graphics cards. Apparently, SiS has assigned some product names to their Xabre series of GPUs. Xabre 80 will be known as Xabre Lite, Xabre 200 will be known as Xabre Real, Xabre 400 becomes PRO and lastly Xabre 600 is known as Xabre Ultra."



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